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Issue 1 to Issue 64

1. Mercury Series, History, No. 15, 1976



Articles: Marie Elwood, "Father and Son, Two Halifax Cabinetmakers"; Paul-Louis Martin, "Le film ethnographique et l'histoire du milieu"; David Newlands, "The Archaeological Investigation of Two Huron County, Ontario, Earthenware Potteries"; Daniel T. Gallacher, "Curators vs. Exhibits and Extension: Definitions."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Arts populaires du Québec." Musée du Québec, Octobre-Decembre 1975; "Father and Son, Two Halifax Cabinetmakers." Nova Scotia Museum, December 1975-March 1976; "Deux expositions sur les artisans d'authrefois." Galerie de l'Université du Québec à Montréal et Musee McCord; Gregg A. Finley, ed., The Loyalists

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

2. Mercury Series, History, No. 21, 1977

Articles: Leslie Maitland, "The Dating of Ontario Samplers"; Jim Wardrop, "British Columbia's Experience with Early Chain Saws"; Pierre Rastoul, "La chaumière québécoise"; Virginia Careless, "British Columbia Interiors"; Robert D. Watt, "Early B.C. Sawmill Machinery: 1869".

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Joan MacKinnon, A Checklist of Toronto Cabinet and Chair Makers, 1800-1865; Ed Gould, Logging: British Columbia's Logging History; Harry Morton, The Wind Commands: Sailors and Sailing Ships in the Pacific, William Yeager, ed., The Cabinetmakers of Norfolk County.

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

3. Spring 1977 / Printemps 1977

Articles: Ruth Holmes Whitehead, "Christina Morris: Micmac Artist and Artist's Model"; David Newlands, "A Catalogue of Spring Moulds from Two Huron County, Ontario, Earthenware Potteries"; Charles Foss, "John Warren Moore: Cabinetmaker, 1812-1893"; Marie Elwood, "The State Dinner Service of Canada, 1898."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Lise Boily et Jean-François Blanchette, Les fours à pain au Québec par Pierre Rastoul; Vancouver Centennial Museum, "Milltown Gallery" by Nicholas Dykes; Musée du Québec, "La fabrication artisanale des tissus; appareils et techniques" by Adrienne Hood; A. Gregg Finley, ed., Heritage Furniture/Le mobilier traditionnel by Elizabeth Ingolfsrud; Virginia Careless, Bibliography for the Study of British Columbia's Domestic Material History by Jim Wardrop.

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves: Norman R. Ball, "Comments on the Burrard Inlet Sawmill Inventory: 1869"; Bernard Genest, «Recherches ethnographiques au Ministère des Affaires culturelles du Québec»; Adrienne Hood, "Research into the Technical Aspect of Reproducing 19th Century Canadian Handwoven Fabrics; History Section, Nova Scotia Museum."

4. Fall 1977 / Automne 1977

Article: George N. Horvath, "The Newfoundland Cooper Trade."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: D. Pennington and M. Taylor, A Pictorial Guide to American Spinning Wheels by Judy Keenlyside; Carol Priamo, Mills of Canada and William Fox et al., The Mill by Felicity Leung; Lise Boily et Jean-François Blanchette, Les fours à pain au Québec (réplique des auteurs).

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves: Jeanne Arseneault, «À la recherche du costume acadien»; Robert D. Watt, "The Documentation of a Rare Piece of British Columbiana: The Helmcken Presentation Silver"; Gerald L. Pocius, "Material Culture Research in the Folklore Programme, Memorial University of Newfoundland"; R.G. Patterson, "Recent Research on a Victoria, B.C., Silversmith: William Maurice Carmichael (1892-1954)."

5. Spring 1978 / Printemps 1978

Articles: Stephen Archibald, "Civic Ornaments: Ironwork in Halifax Parks"; David L. Newlands, "A Toronto Pottery Company Catalogue."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Woodward's Catalogue 1898-1953 and The Autumn and Winter Catalogue 1910-1911 of the Hudson's Bay Company by David Richeson; Valerie Simpson, ed., Women's Attire / Les vêtements féminins by Ivan Sayers; Jacques Bernier, Quelques boutiques de menuisiers et charpentiers au tournant du XIXe siècle par Serge Saint-Pierre; Charles H. Foss, Cabinet-makers of the Eastern Seaboard: A Study of Early Canadian Furniture by John McIntyre; National Museum of Man, "A Few Acres of Snow/Quelques arpents de neige" by Jean Friesen.

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves: Jim Wardrop, "Modern History Division, British Columbia Provincial Museum"; Joyce Taylor Dawson, "The Needlework of the Ursulines of Early Quebec."

6. Fall 1978 / Automne 1978

Articles: C. Peter Kaellgren, "Glass Used in Canada: A Survey from the Early Nineteenth Century to 1940 (Ontario)"; John Sheeler, "Factors Affecting Attribution: The Burlington Glass Works"; Paul Hanrahan, "Bottles in the Place Royale Collection"; Robert D. Watt, "Art Glass Window Design in Vancouver."

Review / Compte rendu: Janet Holmes and Olive Jones, Glass in Canada: An Annotated Bibliography.

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves: Carol Sheedy, «Les vitraux des maisons de la Côte-de-Sable d'Ottawa»; Deborah Trask, "The Nova Scotia Glass Company"; Peggy Booker, "Ontario's Victorian Stained Glass Windows"; Peter Rider, "Dominion Glass Company Records."

7. Spring 1979 / Printemps 1979

Articles: R. Bruce Shepard, "The Mechanized Agricultural Frontier of the Canadian Plains"; John Adams, "A Review of Clayburn Manufacturing and Products, 1905 to 1918."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Marylu Antonelli and Jack Forbes, Pottery in Alberta: The Long Tradition by David Richeson; Eileen Collard, publications on clothing in Canada by Katharine B. Brett; Mary Conroy, 300 Years of Canada's Quilts by Leslie Maitland; Alexander Fenton, Scottish Country Life by J. Lynton Martin; Ellen J. Gehret, Rural Pennsylvania Clothing by Adrienne Hood; Jean-Pierre Hardy, Le forgeron et le ferblantier par Jean-Claude Dupont; Howard Pain, The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture by Donald Blake Webster; Mary Shakespeare and Rodney H. Pain, West Coast Logging: 1840-1910 by Warren F. Sommer; Deborah Trask, Life How Short, Eternity How Long: Gravestone Carving and Carvers in Nova Scotia by Gerald L. Pocius.

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves: "Glass Collection in Canada/Les collections de verre au Canada"; F. J. Thorpe, "Eighteenth-Century Land-Surveying Equipment and Supplies."

8. Special Issue 1979 / Numéro spécial, 1979

Canada's Material History: A Forum / Colloque sur l'histoire de la culture matérielle au Canada.

Papers / Communications: F.J. Thorpe, "Remarks at the Opening Session"; Jean-Pierre Wallot, «Culture matérielle et histoire»; John J. Mannion, "Multidisciplinary Dimensions in Material History"; Robert D. Watt, "Toward a Three-Dimensional View of the Canadian Past"; Elizabeth Ingolfsrud, "Tangible Social History: The Ontario Furniture Collection of the National Museum of Man"; Jean-Pierre Hardy et Thiery Ruddel, «Un projet sur l'histoire de la culture et de la société québécoises»; David J. Goa, "The Incarnation of Meaning: Approaching the Material Culture of Religious Traditions"; Luce Vermette, «Sources archivistiques concernant la culture matérielle»; Lilly Koltun, "Seeing is Believing? - A Critique of Archival Visual Sources"; Gerald L. Pocius, "Oral History and the Study of Material Culture"; W. John McIntyre, "Artifacts as Sources for Material History Research"; Alexander Fenton, "Material History in Great Britain"; Joseph Goy, «L'histoire de la culture matérielle en France»; Thomas J. Schlereth, "Material Culture Studies in America"; Marie Elwood, "A Museum Approach to Material History Studies"; Paul-Louis Martin, «Un passé en quête d'avenir».

9. Fall 1979 / Automne 1979

Articles: Anita Campbell, "An Evaluation of Iconographic and Written Sources in the Study of a Traditional Technology: Maple Sugar Making."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Patricia Baines, Spinning Wheels, Spinners and Spinning by Judy Keenlyside; Bus Griffiths, Now You're Logging by Robert Griffin; David L. Newlands and Claus Breede, An Introduction to Canadian Archaeology by Dianne Newell; D.R. Richeson, ed., Western Canadian History: Museum Interpretations by Alan F.J. Artibise; Vancouver Centennial Museum, "The World of Children: Toys and Memories of Childhood" by Zane Lewis; Musée du Québec, «Cordonnerie traditionnelle» par Yvan Chouinard.

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves: Robert Shiplay, "War Memorials in Canadian Communities"; Peter Priess and Richard Stuart, "Parks Canada, Prairie Region."

10. Spring 1980 / Printemps 1980

Articles: Martha Eckmann Brent, "A Stitch in Time: Sewing Machine Industry of Ontario, 1860-1897."

Special Report / Rapport spécial: Victoria Dickenson and Valerie Kolonel, "Computer-Based Archival Research Project: A Preliminary Report."

Reviews/Comptes rendus: Clement W. Crowell, The Novascotiaman by Rosemary E. Ommer; Jean-Claude Dupont, Histoire populaire de l'Acadie par Clarence LeBreton; Michel Gaumond et Paul-Louis Martin, Les maîtres-potiers du bourg Saint-Denis, 1785-1888 par Corneliu Kirjan; Bernard Genest et al., Les artisans traditionnels de l'est du Québec par Jean-Pierre Hardy; Paul B. Kebabian and Dudley Whitney, American Woodworking Tools by Martin E. Weaver; Ray MacKean and Robert Percival, The Little Boats: Inshore Fishing Craft of Atlantic Canada by David A. Taylor; Ruth McKendry, Quilts and Other Bed Coverings in the Canadian Tradition by Leslie Maitland; Marcel Moussette, La pêche sur le Saint-Laurent : répertoire des méthodes et des engins de capture par Corneliu Kirjan; David L. Newlands, Early Ontario Potters: Their Craft and Trade by Elizabeth Collard; Loris S. Russell, Handy Things to Have Around the House by Hilary Abrahamson; Jeffrey J. Spalding, Silversmithing in Canadian History by Tara Nanavati; Sheila Stevenson, Colchester Furniture Makers by David L. Myles; Donald Blake Webster, English-Canadian Furniture of the Georgian Period by Benno Forman.

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves: Marie Elwood, "The Weldon and Trumball-Prime China Collections"; David Skene-Melvin, "Historical Planning and Research Branch, Ontario Ministry of Culture and Recreation"; Corneliu Kirjan, «Les publications de la Direction générale du patrimoine, Ministère des affaires culturelles, Québec».

11. Fall / Automne 1980 Furniture in Canada

Articles: Yvan Fortier et Marcel Gauthier, "Les meubles meublants dans le repertoire du mobilier ancien au Quebec"; Walter W. Peddle, "Newfoundland Outport Furniture : An Interpretation".

Reviews / Comptes rendus: W. John McIntyre and Janet Houghton McIntyre, Canadian Furniture: An Annotated Bibliography; Furniture in Public Collections in Canada - La collection nationale de mobilier.

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

12. Spring / Printemps 1981

Articles: Gerald L. Pocius, "Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Newfoundland Gravestones : Self-Sufficiency, Economic Specialization, and the Creation of Artifacts".

Research Reports / Rapports de recherches: Ronald Getty and Ester Klaiman, "Identifying Medalta, 1916-1954: A Guide to Markings".

Reviews / Comptes rendus: British Columbia Provincial Museum, Modern History Galleries by Ian MacPherson; British Columbia Provincial Museum, "William Maurice Carmichael, Silversmith" by Martin Segger; Judith Buxton-Keenlyside, Selected Canadian Spinning Wheels in Perspective: An Analytical Approach by Peter W. Cook; MusBe du Quebec, "Regard sur le mobilier victorien" par Denise Leclerc; Point Ellice House, Victoria, B .C. by John Adams; Lynne Sussman, Spode/Copeland, Transfer-Printed Patterns Found at 20 Hudson's Bay Company Sites by Elizabeth Collard.

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

13. Fall / Automne 1981 Exploiting the Forest

Articles: Robert D. Turner, "Logging Railroads and Locomotives in British Columbia: A background Summary and the Preservation Record"; Robert B. Griffin, "The Shingle Sawing Machine in British Columbia, 1901-1915"; Chris Curtis, "Shanty Life in the Kawarthas, Ontario, 1850-1855; Normand Seguin et Rene Hardy, "Foret et societe en Mauricie, 1850-1930"; Benoit Gauthier, "La sous-traitance et 1'exploitation forestiere en Mauricie (1850-1875)" Michel Larose, "Les contrats d'engagement des travailleurs forestiers de la Mauricie"; Claire-Andree Fortin, "Profil de la main-d'oeuvre forestiere en Mauricie d'apres le recensement de 1861"; Claire-Andree Fortin, "Les conditions de vie et de travail des bucherons en Mauricie au 19' siecle".

Research Notes / Notes de recherché: Georgetown Mill, British Columbia: A Historical Salvage Project Rod Pain and Mary Shakespeare.

Reviews / Comptes rendus: The River and the Bush/La riviere et la foret. Timber Trade in the Ottawa Valley, 1800-1900 by Judith Tomlin.



14. Spring 1982 / Printemps 1982

Articles: George Bervin, «Espace physique et culture matérielle du marchand-négociant à Québec au début du XIXe siècle»; Georges P. Léonidoff, «L'habitat de bois en Nouvelle-France : son importance et ses techniques de construction»; Anita Rush, "Changing Women's Fashion and Its Social Context, 1870-1905."

Research Notes / Notes de recherche: Martin Segger, "Some Comments on the Use of Historical Photographs as Primary Sources in Architectural History"; Robert W. Frame, "Woodworking Patterns at the Sutherland Steam Mill, Nova Scotia Museum"; E.M. Razzolini, "Costume Research and Reproduction at Louisbourg"; Richard MacKinnon, "Company Housing in Wabana, Bell Island, Newfoundland."

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Barbara Riley, "Domestic Food Preparation in British Columbia, 1895-1935"; Elizabeth Quance, "Ontario Historical Society Material Culture Project"; CÉLAT, «Ethnologie de l'Amérique française»; Sheila Stevenson, "An Inventory of Research and Researchers Concerned with Atlantic Canadian Material Culture."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: National Museum of Man, "The Covenant Chain: Indian Ceremonial and Trade Silver" by Robert S. Kidd; Vancouver Museum, "Waisted Efforts" by Marion Brown; National Gallery of Canada, "The Comfortable Arts" by Anita Rush; Newfoundland Museum, "Newfoundland Outport Furniture" by Christine Cartwright; New Brunswick Museum, "On the Turn of the Tide: Ships and Shipbuilders, 1769 to 1900" by Eric Ruff; Musée national de l'Homme, «L'art du marteau : coup d'oeil sur la ferronnerie et la ferblanterie» par Johanne LaRochelle; Collectif, Jean-Claude Dupont et Jacques Mathieu, comp., Les métiers du cuir par David T. Ruddel; Peter E. Rider, ed., The History of Atlantic Canada: Museum Interpretation by William B. Hamilton; Thomas J. Schlereth, Artifacts and the American Past by Del Muise; David and Suzanne Peacock, Old Oakville: A Character Study of the Town's Early Buildings and of the Men Who Built Them by Harold Kalman; Jack L. Summers, René Chartrand, and R. J. Marion, Military Uniforms in Canada, 1665-1970 by Charles Bourque; Robert S. Elliott, Matchlock to Machine Gun: The Firearms Collection of the New Brunswick Museum by John D. Chown.

15. Special Issue 1982 / Numéro spécial, 1982

Colloquium on Cultural Patterns in the Atlantic Canadian Home

Papers / Communications: Gerald L. Pocius, "Interior Motives: Rooms, Objects, and Meaning"; Shane O'Dea, "The Development of Cooking and Heating Technology"; Linda Dale, "A Woman's Touch: Domestic Arrangements"; Wilfred W. Wareham, "Aspects of Socializing and Partying in Outport Newfoundland"; Gary R. Butler, "Sacred and Profane Space"; Kenneth Donovan, "Family Life and Living Conditions in Eighteenth-Century Louisbourg"; Carol M. Whitfield, "Barracks Life in the Nineteenth Century"; Donald Blake Webster, "Furniture and the Atlantic Canada Condition"; Thomas Lackey, "Folk Influence in Nova Scotia Interiors"; Marie Elwood, "Halifax Cabinet-Makers, 1837-1875: Apprenticeships"; Irene Rogers, "Cabinet-making in Prince Edward Island"; T.G. Dilworth, "Thomas Nisbet"; Cora Greenaway, "Decorated Walls and Ceilings in Nova Scotia"; Charles H. Foss, "Room Decorating and Furnishing in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century"; David Orr, "Traditional Furniture of Atlantic Canada"; A Roundtable Discussion: "Collectors, Dealers, and Museums: Private Initiative and Public Responsibility"; Victoria Dickenson and George Kapelos, Closing Remarks.

16. Winter 1982 / Hiver 1982

Ceramics in Canada / La céramique au Canada

Foreword by David Newlands

Articles: Lester Ross, "The Archaeology of Canadian Potteries: An Evaluation of Production Technology"; Elizabeth Collard, "Nineteenth-Century Canadian Importers' Marks"; Ronald Getty, "The Medicine Hat and the Alberta Potteries"; Lynn Sussman, "Comparing Ceramic Assemblages in Terms of Expenditure: A case Study from Lower Fort Garry"; Jennifer Hamilton, "Ceramics Destined for York Factory : An Examination of Hudson's Bay Company Archival Sources"; William Coedy and J.D. MacArthur, "Characterization of Selected Nineteenth-Century Southern Ontario Domestic Earthenwares by Chemical Analysis"; Donald B. Webster, "The Prince Edward Island Pottery, 1880-98"; Sophie Drakich, "Eighteenth-Century Coarse Earthenwares Imported into Louisbourg"; John Carter, "Spanish Olive jars from Fermeuse Harbour, Newfoundland"

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Colette Dufresne, "La poterie au Quebec, une histoire de famille".

Collections: Elizabeth Collard, The National Museum of Man Ceramics Collection; R.G. Patterson, British Columbia Provincial Museum, Modern History Division Ceramics Collection; Ronald Getty, Glenbow's Ceramics Collection.

Contributors - Collaborateurs

17. Spring 1983 / Printemps 1983

Material Conditions and Society in Lower Canada: Post mortem inventories / Civilisation matérielle au Bas-Canada : les inventaires après décès

Introduction: Jean-Pierre Hardy, Gilles Paquet, David-Thiery Ruddel et Jean-Pierre Wallot, "Material Conditions and Society in Lower Canada, 1792-1835 / Culture matérielle et société au Québec, 1792-1835."

Articles: Gilles Paquet et Jean-Pierre Wallot, «Structures sociales et niveaux de richesse dans les campagnes du Québec, 1792-1812»; George Bervin, «Environnement matériel et activités économiques des conseillers exécutifs et législatifs à Québec, 1810-1830»; Jean-Pierre Hardy, «Niveaux de richesse et intérieurs domestiques dans le quartier Saint-Roch à Québec, 1820-1850»; D.-T. Ruddel, "The Domestic Textile Industry in the Region and City of Quebec, 1792-1835"; Christian Dessureault, «L'inventaire après décès et l'agriculture bas-canadienne»; Lorraine Gadoury, «Les stocks des habitants dans les inventaires après décès».

18. Fall 1983 / Automne 1983

Articles: Anita Rush, "The Bicycle Boom of the Gay Nineties: A Reassessment"; Catherine Sullivan, "The Bottles of Northrup & Lyman, A Canadian Drug Firm."

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Julia Cornish, "The Legal Records of Atlantic Canada as a Resource for Material Historians"; Tina Rolande Roy, "New Brunswick Newspaper Study of Imports, 1800-1860"; Nancy-Lou Patterson, "German-Alsatian Iron Gravemarkers in Southern Ontario Roman Catholic Cemeteries"; Lynn Russell and Patricia Stone, "Gravestone Carvers of Early Ontario"; Luigi G. Pennacchio and Larry B. Pogue, "Inventory of Ontario Cabinetmakers, 1840-ca. 1900."

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves: Robert Griffin and James Wardrop, "Preliminary Investigations into Ocean Falls Pulp and Paper Plant"; Claudia Haagen, "Material History Sources in Eighteenth-Century Nova Scotia Newspapers"; Sandra Morton, "History of Alberta Quilts"; T.B. King, "A Research Tool for Studying the Canadian Glass Industry"; Andrée Crépeau, "An Inventory of Persons Working on the Material Culture of Eighteenth-Century Louisbourg"; Elizabeth J. Quance and Michael Sam Cronk, "Selected Museum Studies Dissertations at the University of Toronto."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Glenbow Museum, "The Great CPR Exposition" by David R. Richeson; National Museum of Man, "The Ever-Whirling Wheel" by Catherine Cooper Cole; Robert W. Passfield, Building the Rideau Canal by Norman R. Ball; Walter W. Peddle, The Traditional Furniture of Outport Newfoundland by Shane O'Dea; Barbara Long Rottenberg with Judith Tomlin, Glass Manufacturing in Canada: A Survey of Pressed Glass Patterns by Deborah Trask; David-T. Ruddel Canadians and Their Environment by Robert Griffin; Thomas J. Schlereth, Material Culture Studies in America by A. Fenton.

19. Spring 1984 / Printemps 1984

Articles: Hilary Russell, "'Canadian Ways': An Introduction to Comparative Studies of Housework, Stoves, and Diet in Great Britain and Canada"; Ian Radforth, "In the Bush: The Changing World of Work in Ontario's Pulpwood Logging Industry during the Twentieth Century"; W. John McIntyre, "From Workshop to Factory: The Furnituremaker"; Marilyn J. Barber, "Below Stairs: The Domestic Servant."

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Sandra Morton, "Inventory of Secondary Manufacturing Companies in Alberta, 1880-1914"; Nancy-Lou Patterson, "Waterloo Region Gardens in the Germanic Tradition"; H.T. Holman, "Some Comments on the Use of Chattel Mortgages in Material History Research."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Costume in Canada: An Annotated Bibliography by Jacqueline Beaudoin-Ross and Pamela Blackstock; Canadian War Museum, "The Loyal Americans" by John Brooke; Newfoundland Museum, "Business in Great Waters" by James Hiller; McCord Museum, "The Potters' View of Canada" by Lynne Sussman; Elizabeth Collard, The Potters' View of Canada: Canadian Scenes on Nineteenth-Century Earthenware by Robert Copeland; Eileen Marcil, Les tonneliers du Québec by Peter N. Moogk.

20. Fall 1984 / Automne 1984

Articles: Jocelyne Mathieu, «Le mobilier contenant : traitement comparatif Perche-Québec, d'après des inventaires de biens après décès des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles»; Alison Prentice, "From Household to School House: The Emergence of the Teacher as Servant of the State."

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Frances Roback, "Advertising Canadian Pianos and Organs, 1850-1914"; Luce Vermette, «L'habillement traditionnel au début du XIXe siècle»; Eileen Marcil, «Le rôle de la tonnellerie dans la réglementation de la pêche au début du XIXe siècle»; Anita Rush, "Directory of Canadian Manufacturers, Bicycle Industry, 1880-1984"; David Neufeld, "Dealing with an Industrial Monument: The Borden Bridge"; Claudia Haagen and Debra McNabb, "The Use of Primary Documents as Computerized Collection Records for the Study of Material Culture."

Notes and Comments / Notes et commentaires: Gregg Finley, "Material History and Museums: A Curatorial Perspective"; Hilary Russell, "Reflections of an Image Finder: Some Problems and Suggestions for Picture Researchers"; Papers Completed in North American Decorative Arts Graduate Course, University of Toronto, 1968-82.

Forum / Colloque: Robert D. Turner, "The Limitations of Material History: A Museological Perspective"; Peter E. Rider, "The Concrete Clio: Definition of a Field of History."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, "Concerning Work" by David Flemming; National Museum of Man, "Of Men and Wood" by Robert H. Babcock; Parcs Canada, Région du Québec, «Québec : port d'entrée en Amérique» par David-Thiery Ruddel.

21. Spring 1985 / Printemps 1985

Introduction by Greg Baeker

Articles: Thomas J. Schlereth, "The Material Culture of Childhood: Problems and Potential in Historical Explanation"; Felicity Nowell-Smith, "Feeding the Nineteenth-Century Baby: Implications for Museum Collections"; Christina Bates, "'Beauty Unadorned': Dressing Children in Late Nineteenth-Century Ontario"; Hilary Russell, "Training, Restraining, and Sustaining: Infant and Child Care in the Late Nineteenth Century"; Janet Holmes, "Economic Choices and Popular Toys"; Mary Tivy, "Nineteenth-Century Canadian Children's Games."

22. Fall 1985 / Automne 1985

Articles: Ernst W. Stieb, "A Professional Keeping Shop: The Nineteenth-Century Apothecary"; W. John McIntyre, "Diffusion and Vision: A Case Study of the Ebenezer Doan House in Sharon, Ontario"; Bruce Curtis, "The Playground in Nineteenth-Century Ontario: Theory and Practice."

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: "Towards a Material History Methodology"; Richard Henning Field, "Proxemic Patterns: Eighteenth-Century Lunenburg-German Domestic Furnishings and Interiors"; David Mattison, "All the Latest Improvements: Vancouver Photographic Studios of the Nineteenth Century."

Research Note / Note de recherche: Serge Rouleau, «1986 : cent ans d'exploitation de la cale sèche Lorne, à Lauzon».

Forum / Colloque: D.R. Richeson, "An Approach to Historical Research in Museums"; Barbara Riley, "Research and the Development of a Domestic History Collection."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Canadian War Museum, "Women and War," by Ruth Roach Pierson; Royal Ontario Museum, "Georgian Canada: Conflict and Culture, 1745-1820," by Gregg Finley; New Brunswick Museum, "Treasures," "The Great 19th Century Show," "Colonial Grace: New Brunswick Fine Furniture," "Foundations: The River Province," by Stuart Smith, Judith Tomlin, Rosemarie Langhout, Tim Dilworth, Elizabeth W. McGahan; Elizabeth Collard, Nineteenth-Century Pottery and Porcelain in Canada by Alan Smith; Edwinna von Baeyer, Rhetoric and Roses: A History of Canadian Gardening 1900-1930, by Alex Wilson; Canadian War Museum, "The Rebellion of 1885," by Brereton Greenhous; Louisiana State Museum, "L'amour de Maman: Acadian Textile Heritage" by Robert S. Elliot; Musée régional Laure-Conan, «Deux cent ans de villégiature dans Charlevoix» par Francine Brousseau.

23. Spring 1986 / Printemps 1986

Introduction by Gerald L. Pocius

Articles: David J. Goa, "Dying and Rising in the Kingdom of God: The Ritual Incarnation of the 'Ultimate' in Eastern Christian Culture"; Roger Hall and Bruce Bowden, "Beautifying the Boneyard: The Changing Image of the Cemetery in Nineteenth-Century Ontario"; Gerald L. Pocius, "The Transformation of the Traditional Newfoundland Cemetery: Institutionalizing the Secular Dead."

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Deborah Trask and Debra McNabb, "Carved in Stone: Material Evidence in the Graveyards of Kings County, Nova Scotia"; Nancy-Lou Patterson, "Open Secrets: Fifteen Masonic and Orange Lodge Gravemarkers in Waterloo and Wellington Counties, Ontario (1862-1983)."

Research Note / Note de recherche: Valerie Evans, "In Mourning."

Bibliographies: Gerald L. Pocius, "An Introductory Bibliography on Cultural Studies Relating to Death and Dying in Canada"; Madeleine Grammond et Benoit Lacroix, «Mort et religion traditionnelle au Québec : bibliographie.»

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Provincial Museum of Alberta, "Spiritual Life - Sacred Ritual" by Earl Waugh; DesBrisay Museum National Exhibition Centre, "The Ox in Nova Scotia" by Earl J. Ruff; Thomas J. Schlereth, U.S. 40: A Roadscape of the American Experience by John van Nostrand.

24. Fall 1986 / Automne 1986

Article: Joyce Taylor Dawson, "An Analysis of Liturgical Textiles at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons."

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Tim Dilworth, "Thomas Nisbet's Furniture: Distinctive Style, Design and Workmanship;" Richard Henning Field, "Lunenburg-German Household Textiles: The Evidence from Lunenburg County Estate Inventories, 1780-1830"; Patricia Stone and Lynn Russell, "Observations on Figures, Human and Divine, on Nineteenth-Century Ontario Gravestones;" Thérèse Beaudoin, «Le processus technique de fabrication d'un moule de sable au XIXe siècle».

Notes and Comments / Notes et commentaires: Gregg Finley, "North American Material Research: New Objectives, New Theories - Conference Report; Atlantic Canada Newspaper Survey; Research Queries."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Royal Ontario Museum, "The Canadiana Gallery," by M. Christina Castle; Newfoundland Museum, "For King and Country: Newfoundland and the Fighting Services, 1689-1945," by David R. Facey-Crowther; Thomas J. Schlereth (ed.), Material Culture: A Re-search Guide, by Kenneth McLaughlin; Olive R. Jones and E. Ann Smith, Glass of the British Military, ca. 1755-1820, and Olive Jones and Catherine Sullivan et al., The Parks Canada Glass Glossary, by Judith Tomlin.

25. Spring 1987 / Printemps 1987

Articles: Elizabeth W. McGahan, "Inside the Hallowed Walls: Convent Life through Material History"; Colin M. Coates, "Monuments and Memories: The Evolution of British Columbian Cemeteries, 1850-1950"; Ann Gorman Condon, "Loyalist Style and the Culture of the Atlantic Seaboard."

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Tom Brown, "Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers Advertisement Index 1847-1942."

Research Notes / Notes de recherche: Elizabeth Bloomfield and Gerald Bloomfield, "Mills, Factories and Craftshops of Ontario, 1870: A Machine-Readable Source for Material Historians."

Notes and Comments / Notes et commentaires: Gregg Finley, Federation of Nova Scotian Heritage Conference "Rum by Gum"; "Wallpaper in Canada, 1600s-1900s," Microfiche Report.

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Glenbow Museum, "Metis," by Jean Friesen; "Environment Canada, Parks, Batoche National Historic Park, Phase I," by W.A. Waiser; Royal Ontario Museum, "Canada's Handwoven Heritage, " by Susan Burke; Vancouver Museum, "Captain George Vancouver: A Voyage of Discovery," by Douglas Cole; Robert C. Wheeler, A Toast to the Fur Trade: A Picture Essay on Its Material Culture, by Jean Morrison; P.A. Buckner (ed.), Teaching Maritime Studies, by Mary Ellen Herbert.

26. Fall 1987 / Automne 1987

Results of Bulletin Surveys / Résumé des sondages

Articles: Robert B. Klymasz, "Crucial Trends in Modern Ukrainian Embroidery"; Jacques Mathieu avec la participation de Georges-Pierre Léonidoff et John R. Porter, «L'objet et ses contextes»; Ronald W. Hawker, "Monuments in the Nineteenth-Century Public Cemeteries of Victoria, British Columbia."

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: M.A. MacDonald, "Artifact Survivals from Pre-Loyalist English-speaking Settlers of New Brunswick"; Nancy-Lou Patterson, "The McWilliam House Hallway: A Painted Room in Drayton, Ontario."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Museum of the History of Medicine and the Mother-Child Project, Inc. "Mother and Child: History of Mothering from 1600 to the Present," by Katherine Arnup; New Brunswick Museum, "Reflections of an Era: Portraits of 19th Century New Brunswick Ships," by Eileen Reid Marcil; Ian M.G. Quimby (ed.), The Craftsman in Early America, by W. John McIntyre; Environment Canada, Parks Canada, Christ Church Cathedral, National Historic Site, by Cynthia Wallace-Casey.

27. Spring 1988 / Printemps 1988

Articles: John Summers, "Beyond Brown Bread and Oatmeal Cookies: New Directions for Historic Kitchens"; Richard MacKinnon, "Carriage Making in St. John's, Newfoundland: A Folkloristic Perspective on a Historical Industry"; John B. Collins, " 'Design in Industry' Exhibition, National Gallery of Canada, 1946: Turning Bombers into Lounge Chairs."

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Joyce Taylor Dawson, "In Search of Early Canadian Embroidery Abroad."

Research Notes / Notes de recherche: A.J.B. Johnston, "History Painting: The Creation of Interpretive Tableaux"; Robert S. Elliot, "The Flight to Marseille"; Jean-Roch Cyr, «Aspects de l'agriculture chez les francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick au XIXe siècle : le recensement de 1861.»

Forum / Colloque: Mary Tivy, "The Quality of Research Is Strained: Collections Research in Ontario Community Museums."

Notes and Comments / Notes et commentaires: Peter E. Rider, "Planters Studies Conference."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Karl A. Peter, The Dynamics of Hutterite Society: An Analytical Approach, by Robert B. Klymasz; Provincial Museum of Alberta, "Seasons of Celebration: Ritual in Eastern Christian Culture," by Robert B. Klymasz; Gail Helgason, The First Albertans: An Archaeological Search, by Richard E. Morlan; Simon J. Bronner, Grasping Things: Folk Material Culture and Mass Society in America, by Brenda Orr; Harry E. Cullis and David T. Suzuki, British Columbia: Frontier for Ideas, by Jim Wardrop.

28. Fall 1988 / Automne 1988

Articles: Suzanne Marchand, «L'impact des innovations technologiques sur la vie quotidienne des Québécoises du début du XXe siècle (1910-1940)»; M.A. MacDonald, "Before the Loyalists: The Material Culture of New Brunswick's Early English Settlers"; Felicity L. Leung, "Japanese Wallpaper in Canada, 1880s-1930s."

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Diane Tye, "Decorative Cast-Iron Fences in St. John's, Newfoundland"; Peter Latta, "Eighteenth-Century Immigrants to Nova Scotia: The Yorkshire Settlers"

Photo essay / Essai photographique: Harry Foster, "Canada's New National Museums."

Conference Reports / Rapports de conférences: André Bérubé, «Un aspect méconnu de l'Autriche : son passé industriel»; Robert S. Elliot, "VI International Congress of Maritime Museums"; Peter Latta, "Science and Society in the Maritimes."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: James A. Slater, The Colonial Burying Grounds of Eastern Connecticut and the Men Who Made Them; Barbara R. Robertson, Sawpower: Making Lumber in the Sawmills of Nova Scotia; Debra McNabb, Old Sydney Town: Historic Buildings of the North End; Alaric and Gretchen Faulkner, The French at Pentagoet 1635-1674; Thomas B. King, Glass in Canada; Kenneth M. Molson, Canada's National Aviation Museum: Its History and Collections; Francess G. Halpenny, ed., Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Vol. VI, 1821 to 1835.

29. Spring 1989 / Printemps 1989

Articles: John C. Lehr, "The Ukrainian Sacred Landscape: A Metaphor of Survival and Acculturation"; David J. Goa, "Three Urban Parishes: A Study of Sacred Space"; Stella Hryniuk, "A Heritage Lost: The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, 1927-1983"; Peter Melnycky, "Draught Horses and Harnesses among Early Ukrainian Settlers in East-Central Alberta"; Radomir B. Bilash, "Ukrainian Peel Ovens in Western Canada."

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: A.M. Kostecki, "Crosses of East Slavic Christianity among Ukrainians in Western Canada"; Michael Ewanchuk, "Settling in: Tools and Farming Techniques of the Early Ukrainian Pioneers"; Diana Thomas, "Documenting Ukrainian-Canadian Grave Markers in Alberta"; Bodhan Medwidsky, "Ukrainian Grave Markers in East-Central Alberta"; Enrico Carlson-Cumbo, "Contemporary Ukrainian-Canadian Grave Markers in Urban Southern Ontario"; Brad Loewen, "A Ukrainian Church Exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civilization"; Roman Fodchuk, "Building the Little House on the Prairies: Ukrainian Technology, Canadian Resources."

Research Notes / Notes de recherche: Andrea K. Klymasz, "Ukrainian Folk Medicine in Canada."

Exhibitions and Collections / Expositions et collections: Olya S. Marko, "'A Woman's Work': Curator's Report"; Vera A. Nokony, "The Ukrainian Museum of Canada."

Viewpoints / Points de vue: Jim Shockey, "Ukrainian-Canadian Folk Furniture and the Marketplace"; Michael Rowan, "Ukrainian Antiques?"; Sister Angelica S.S.M.I. (Hodowansky), "Icons: Theology in Colour."

30. Fall 1989 / Automne 1989

Articles: Diane Tye, "Retrospective Analysis of Folk History: A Nova Scotian Case History"; Jennifer Trant, "The Krug Brothers' Furniture Factory, Chelsey, Ontario: Industrialization and Furniture Design in the Late Nineteenth Century"; A.B. McCullough, "Technology and Textile Mill Architecture in Canada"; Ken Mather, "Material History in situ - Original Furniture at O'Keefe Historic Ranch."

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Jean-René Trochet, « Musées d'agriculture et recherches sur les anciennes techniques rurales en France »; Peter Malmberg, "Saint Anne's Chapel, Fredericton, New Brunswick: A Living Exhibit of Material Culture."

Reviews / Comptes rendus: James Parker, Emporium of the North: Fort Chipewyan and the Fur Trade to 1835, by Graham A. MacDonald; Margaret McBurney and Mary Byers, Tavern in the Town: Early Inns and Taverns of Ontario, by Graham A. MacDonald; Robert Legget, Ottawa River Canals and the Defence of British North America, by Robert W. Passfield; Suzanne Zeller, Inventing Canada-Early Victorian Science and the Idea of a Transcontinental Nation, by James P. Hull; Stephen Gillis and John Gillis, No Faster Than a Walk, Lyn and Richard Harrington, Covered Bridges of Central and Eastern Canada, by Karol K. Partridge; « Le rôle des intervenants dans la communication muséale : l'exemple du Musée de la civilisation à Québec », par David-Thiery Ruddel.

31. Spring 1990 / Printemps 1990

Conference Papers / Communications: Adrienne D. Hood, "Material Culture and Textiles: An Overview"; Adrienne D. Hood, "North American Textiles: A Selected Bibliography"; Stanley Chapman, "Industrialization and Production: A Bibliographic Survey"; Gail Fowler Mohanty, "From Craft to Industry: Textile Production in the United States"; Gail Fowler Mohanty, "Industrialization and Production of Textiles in the United States, A Bibliography"; David-Thiery Ruddel, "Domestic Textile Production in Colonial Quebec, 1608-1840"; Joan Thirsk, "Popular Consumption and the Mass Market in the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries"; Grant McCracken, "Textile History and the Consumer Epidemic: An Anthropological Approach to Popular Consumption and the Mass Market"; Beverly Lemire, "Reflections on the Character of Consumerism, Popular Fashion and the English Market in the Eighteenth Century"; Beverly Lemire, "Popular Consumption and the Mass Market in Early Modern England: A Selected Bibliography"; Thomas Dublin, "Gender and Textiles: A Personal Overview"; Sonya O. Rose, "Gender, Technology, and Industrial Relations: The English Carpet Industry, 1860-1895"; Helen Harden Chenut, "Gender and Textile Culture: The Case of the French Knitting Industry"; Gail Cuthbert Brandt, "Women in the Quebec Cotton Industry, 1890-1950."

32. Fall 1990 / Automne 1990

Articles: Gregg Finley, "The Gothic Revival and the Victorian Church in New Brunswick: Toward a strategy for Material Culture Research"; Monique Dumas, «Le feutre au Québec : fabrication domestique des bas et des semelles»; J. Lynne Teather, "Silk Purses from Sows' Ears: The Study of Material Evidence in Museums"; David-Thiery Ruddel, "Consumer Trends, Clothing, Textiles and Equip-ment in the Montreal Area, 1792-1835."

Research Report / Rapport de recherche: Cameron Pulsifer, "Winter Comfort and the Use of Storm Sashes in Nineteenth Century Halifax: The Military Experience."

Notes and Comments / Notes et commentaires: Museum Small Craft Association Meeting, October 5-7, 1990; Robert S. Elliot, "New Acquisition at the New Brunswick Museum;" Veronika Gervers Research Fellowship.

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Robert Hubbard, Ample Mansions: The Vice-Regal Residences of the Canadian Provinces, by Judith Tomlin; Susan Sheets-Pyenson, Cathedrals of Science: The Development of Colonial Natural History Museums During the Late Nineteenth Century, by Victoria Dickenson.

33. Spring 1991 / Printemps 1991

Frederick Augustus de Zeng: Glass Pioneer in Canada

Articles: Nicole Dorion, "L'industrie de la bibre : le cas de la brasserie Boswell"; Peter Lockyer, "An Uncertain Harvest: Hard Work, Big Business and Changing times in Prince Edward County, Ontario"; Dianne Newell, "The Industrial Archaeology of the Organization of Work: A Half Century of Women and Racial Minorities in British Columbia Fish Plants"; William Ralph Clark, "Frederick Augustus de Zeng: Glass Pioneer in Canada".

Research Report / Rapport de recherché: Judith Rygile, "Reproducing Textiles for the Krieghoff Room at the Canadian Museum of Civilization"; A.J.B. Johnston, "The Early days of the Lobster Fishery in Atlantic Canada".

Conference Reports / Rapports de conferences: Niels Jannasch, Canadian Maritime Museum Curators' Symposium / Colloque des conservateurs de mus6es maritimes du Canada, Garth Wilson, VII International Congress of Maritime Museums.

Notes and Comments / Notes et commentaires: Peter E. Rider, Ongoing Changes to Material History Review / Nouvelle orientation de la Revue d'histoire de la culture materielle; Louise Trottier, Le Comit6 canadien pour la conservation du patrimoine industriel /The Canadian Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage; Veronika Gervers Research Fellowship, New Research in Museum Studies.

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Dianne Reid, Impact of Bauhaus: Ceramics from the Weimar Republic, 1918-1933, Joy L. Santink, Timothy Eaton and the Rise of His Department Store by Rhonda Mawhood, Norman J. G. Pounds, Hearth and Home : A History of Material Culture by Luce Vermette, Thomas Melville Bailey, ed., Dictionary of Hamilton Biography, Volume 1 Francess G. Halpenny, ed., Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Volume 12,1891-1900 by NORMAN R. BALL, C. J. Taylor, Negotiating the Past: The Making of Canada's National Historic Parks and Sites by Daniel T. Gallacher.

34. Fall 1991 / Automne 1991

Articles: Catherine C. Cole, "Caveats in the Use of Corporate Literature by Costume Historians"; Catherine Roy, "Documents from the Tailoring Trade as a Research Source"; Marie Durand, «La courtepointe québécoise : création ou emprunt?»; Theresa Rowat, "Photographic Archival Sources for Costume Research".

Bibliography / Bibliographie: Jacqueline Beaudoin-Ross and Pamela Blackstock, "Costume in Canada: The Sequel".

Conference Report / Rapport de conférence: Pamela Buell, "American Dress as Social History".

Research Notes / Notes de recherche: Tim G. Dilworth, "The Labels of Thomas Nisbet"; Gail Cariou, "Clothing the Past: Costume Research at the Canadian Parks Service".

Notes and Comments / Notes et commentaires: Peter E. Rider, "Our Contributing Editors / Nos rédactrices invitées"; Walter W. Peddle, "Recent Acquisitions, Newfoundland Museum, St. John's"; Walter W. Peddle, "Invitation to Join the Regional Furniture Society".

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Ann Gorman Condon, "Thomas J. Schlereth, Cultural History and Material Culture: Everyday Life, Landscapes, Museums"; Dorothy K Burnham, "Catherine C. Cole, ed., Norwegian Immigrant Clothing and Textiles"; John E. Twomey, "Paul Rutherford, When Television Was Young: Primetime Canada, 1952-1967"; John B. Collins, "Garth Clark, Robert Ellison and Eugene Hecht, The Mad Potter of Biloxi: The Art and Life of George E. Ohr; George Ohr: Modern Potter (1857-1918); The Turning Point: The Deichmann Pottery (1935-1963)".

35. Spring 1992 / Printemps 1992

Articles: Richard Henning Field, "Claiming Rank: The Display of Wealth and Status by Eighteenth-Century Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Merchants"; Yves Bergeron, «Les premières places de marché au Québec»; John Summers, "The Coldest Sport in the World: Iceboating in Toronto Harbour, 1824-1941".

Research Reports / Rapports de recherches: Richard Henning Field, "Domestic Life in Eighteenth-Century Nova Scotia: A Rural Perspective Based on Lunenburg County and Kings County Yeoman Probate Records"; Hilary Perrott, "Charting the Changes: An Index to the Material History Review"; Anne M. Lambert, "Use of Content Analysis in University of Alberta Clothing and Textiles Master's Theses Related to Material Culture".

Conference Report / Rapport de conférence: Sharon Reilly, "Meeting of the Committee on Canadian Labour History".

Notes and Comments / Notes et commentaires: "Help Wanted / Soyez juges ...."; "CHIP is Coming!"; David R. Gray, "The Art and History of Canadian Toys"; "Research Query: Mobile Hanging Cradles"; "Research Query: Period Paperhanging Techniques"; "Founding Meeting of the Canadian Society for Industrial Heritage" / «Assemblée de fondation de la Société canadienne de l'héritage industriel»; "Call for Papers"; "Manuscripts Wanted"; "Early Newfoundland History"; "Driving In and Moving Out: Auto Mobility in Postwar America".

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Gerry Berkowski, "Susan Porter Benson et al., eds., Presenting the Past: Essays on History and the Public", "Michael Frisch, A Shared Authority: Essays on the Craft and Meaning of Oral and Public History"; Annmarie Adams, "Leslie Maitland, The Queen Anne Revival Style in Canadian Architecture"; Jeffrey S. Murray, "Joan Dawson, The Mapmaker's Eye"; Brian S. Osborne, "Donald Kerr et al., eds., Historical Atlas of Canada (Vol. 3): Addressing the Twentieth Century, 1891-1961"; Elizabeth Hulse, "Hana Aach, Impressions: Stories of the Nation's Printer, Early Years to 1900"; Dianne Reid, "The 1920s: Age of the Metropolis"; Morris Mott, "Here's to the Roarin' Game: An Affectionate Look at Curling, Canada's Favourite Sport"; Jean Dunmire, "A Winnipeg History: The Art of Marie Guest, 1880-1966".

36. Fall 1992 / Automne 1992

Theme issue / Numéro thématique: The Persistence of Technology / La persistance de la technologie

Letter from the Director / Lettre du directeur

Introduction by Kris E. Inwood

Articles: Donald Davis, "Technological Momentum, Motor Buses, and the Persistence of Canada's Street Railways to 1940"; Andre Millard, "Thomas Edison, The Battle of the Systems and the Persistence of Direct Current"; Jonathan J. Leibowitz, "The Persistence of Draft Oxen in Western Agriculture"; Larry McNally, "Technical Advance and Stagnation: The Case of Nail Production in Nineteenth-Century Montreal"; Kris E. Inwood, "The Influence of Resource Quality on Technological Persistence: Charcoal Iron in Quebec"; Alun C. Davies, "Time for a Change? Technological Persistence in the British Watchmaking Industry".

Photo Essay / Étude photographique: Ralph Greenhill, "Some North American Survivals".

Research Reports / Rapports de recherches: Brad Loewen, "Change and Diversity Within Traditional Cooperage Technology"; Larry McNally, "Randolph Hersey and the Montreal Nail Industry, 1852-1903"; Charles Allain, "Revolution Forgotten: The Peters' Combination Lock Co., Moncton, N.B.".

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Robin Inglis, "Gerald George, Visiting History, Arguments Over Museums and Historic Sites"; John Summers, "Wooden Ships and Iron Magazines, The Remarkable Rise of WoodenBoat"; Randall C. Brooks, "Morley Thomas, The Beginnings of Canadian Meteorology"; Niels W. Jannasch, "Peter Neill and Barbara Ehrenwald Krohn, eds., Great Maritime Museums of the World"; Dorothy K. Burnham, "Jane A. Evans, A Joy Forever: Latvian Weaving, Traditional and Modifed Uses".

Notes and Comments / Notes et com-mentaires: Veronika Gervers Research Fellowship.

37. Spring 1993 / Printemps 1993

A Final Word... / Le mot de la fin...

A Note of Appreciation... / Un mot de remerciement...

Articles: Virginia S. Wimberley, Maureen M. Grasso, and Fawn S. Mahajan, "Mainbocher-A Couturier's Contribution to Material Culture"; Barbara E. Kelcey , "What to Wear to the Klondike: OutÞtting Women for the Gold Rush"; Jocelyne Mathieu, « L'étude du costume en ethnologie »; Mary Tivy, "Museums, Visitors and the Reconstruction of the Past in Ontario".

Research Report / Rapport de recherche: David Tilson, "The Teifi Coracle".

Conference Reports / Rapports de colloques: David-Thiery Ruddel, "On the Importance of Being Scientifically Correct"; Randall C. Brooks, "How Many Angels Can Sit on the Head of a Pin?"

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Louise Trottier, « Robert Gagnon, Histoire de l'École Polytechnique de Montréal »; Scott Robson, "Kenneth L. Ames and Gerald W. R. Ward, eds., Decorative Arts and Household Furnishings in America, 1650-1920: An Annotated Bibliography"; Brian Dewalt, "Graeme Patterson, History and Communications: Harold Innis, Marshall McLuhan, The Interpretation of History"; Christina Bates, "Jacqueline Beaudoin-Ross, Formes et modes : le costume à Montréal au XIXe siècle / Form and Fashion: Nineteenth-Century Montreal Dress"; Gregg Finley, "Music of the Eye: Architectural Drawings of Canada's First City, 1822 to 1914"; Felicity Pope, "Wendy Mitchenson, The Nature of Their Bodies: Women and Their Doctors in Victorian Canada"; Hallie E. Bond, "Witold Rybczynski, Waiting for the Weekend"; David Richeson, "Peter Corley-Smith, The Ring of Time: The Story of the British Columbia Provincial Museum and White Bears and Other Curiosities: The First 100 Years of the Royal British Columbia Museum".

Notes and Comments / Notes et commentaires: Marie Elwood Retires; Winterthur Conference; Transformation.

38. Fall 1993 / Automne 1993

Editorial / Éditorial

Forum / Colloque

Articles: Nicholette Prince, "Influence of the Hudson's Bay Company on Carrier and Coast Salish Dress, 1830-1850"; David Farrell, "The John Sebastian Helmcken Medical Collection: The Material History of a Nineteenth-Century Medical Practitioner's Armamentarium"; Jenny Cook, "Bringing the Outside In: Women and the Transformation of the Middle-Class Maritime Canadian Interior, 1830-1860"; Philippe Maurice, "Ambrotypes: Positively Capturing the Past".

Research Report / Rapport de recherche: Annette White, "Authentic Historical Costume Patterns from the Moncton Museum".

Reviews / Comptes rendus: Élise Dubuc, « Retour aux sources : Pointe-à-Callière, le Musée d'archéologie et d'histoire de Montréal »; Warren F. Sommer, "Vancouver Museum, Making a Living, Making a Life"; Dianne Reid, "Canadian Museum of Civilization, Design 1935-1965: What Modern Was"; Luce Vermette, « Susan McLeod O'Reilly, À fond de train : le service postal ferroviaire au Canada »; Catherine Pagani, "ROM Far Eastern Department, Homage to Heaven, Homage to Earth: Chinese Treasures of the Royal Ontario Museum"; "Jessica Rawson, ed., The British Museum Book of Chinese Art"; "Craig Clunas, Superfluous Things. Material Culture and Social Status in Early Modern China"; Jack English, "Bill Rawling, Surviving Trench Warfare: Technology and the Canadian Corps, 1914-1918"; Kenneth L. Ames, "Michael M. Ames, Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes: The Anthropology of Museums".

Notes and Comments / Notes et commentaires: Boyne River Coracle; Research Query: Mi'kmaq Quillwork Furniture; Research Query: Saint John River Furniture.

39. Spring 1994 / Printemps 1994

Editorial / Éditorial

Forum / Colloque: Hervé Gagnon, La pratique de l'histoire en milieu muséal et ses contraintes : le cas du Musée des Hospitalières de l'Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal.

Articles: Anne Hayward, "Medalta's Art Department: A Strategy for Product Diversification"; Nancy Cox, "Objects of Worth, Objects of Desire: Toward A Dictionary of Traded Goods and Commodities, 1550-1800"; Marc Lafrance, «Le Parc de l'Artillerie et les FortiÞcations de Québec : une rétro-spective de mise en valeur 1972-1990».

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Claire Marcil, «Les sciences naturelles au Québec : la persistance d'un engouement»; Elizabeth Sifton, "Philomène's Peacock".

Conference Reports / Rapports de colloques: Sharon Reilly, "Museums and Women's History"; Adrienne D. Hood, "Material Culture, the Shape of the Field"; Peter E. Rider, "Childhood-Playtime?".

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions: Kerridwen Harvey, "Canadian Museum of Civilization, Panache: Nineteenth-Century Ladies' Fashion"; Michael Large, "The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Earthly Paradise: Arts and Crafts by William Morris and His Circle from Canadian Collections".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Boye Meyer-Friese, "Richard W. Unger, The Art of Medieval Technology: Images of Noah the Shipbuilder"; Brian Osborne, "David Goodman and Michael Redclift, Refashioning Nature: Food, Ecology and Culture"; Louise Trottier, "David E. Nye, Electrifying America: Social Meanings of a New Technology, 1880-1940"; Jeffrey A. Brown, "Paul Nathanson, Over the Rainbow: The Wizard of Oz as a Secular Myth of America"; Annmarie Adams, "Jessica H. Foy and Thomas J. Schlereth (eds.), American Home Life, 1880-1930: A Social History of Spaces and Services"; Gerald L. Pocius, "Eilean Hooper-Greenhill, Museums and the Shaping of Knowledge"; Gregg Finley, "Gerald L. Pocius (ed.), Living in a Material World: Canadian and American Approaches to Material Culture".

40. Fall 1994 / Automne 1994

Editorial / Éditorial

Articles: John Summers, "Toward a Material History of Watercraft"; Louise Lalonger, «La transition des colorants naturels aux colorants synthétiques et ses répercussions»; Annmarie Adams, "Rooms of Their Own: The Nurses' Residences at Montreal's Royal Victoria Hospital".

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Richard Fiset, «Les maquettes d'inventions comme vestiges de la technologie canadienne du xixe siècle»; Bryan Dewalt, "The Cliff Street Heating Plant, Ottawa".

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions: Gerry Berkowski, "University of Winnipeg, Brooks: Coming Home"; Élise Dubuc, «Musée McCord d'histoire canadienne, Le McCord est mort! Vive le McCord! : la renaissance d'un musée»; Annmarie Adams, "Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design, Mechanical Brides: Women and Machines from Home to Office"; Joan Seidl, "Royal British Columbia Museum, Chinatown".

Film Review / Compte rendu de films: John E. Carter, "Colin Neal, Bill Brind, Notman's World; Barry Cowling, Rex Tasker, Fixed in Time: A Victorian Album".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Louise Trottier, «Les Cahiers de La fonderie»; Jennifer Hayman, "Marilyn I. Walker, Ontario's Heritage Quilts"; Franz Klingender, "Donald Wetherell and Elise Corbet, Breaking New Ground: A Century of Farm Equipment Manufacturing on the Canadian Prairies"; Alan B. McCullough, "Laurence F. Gross, The Course of Industrial Decline: The Boott Cotton Mills of Lowell, Massachusetts, 1835-1955"; Paul Nathanson, "Lynn Spigel, Make Room for TV: Television and the Family Ideal in Postwar America".

41. Spring 1995 / Printemps 1995

Editorial / Éditorial

Articles: Linda Hutcheon, "The Post Always Rings Twice: The Postmodern and the Postcolonial"; Peter Bischoff, «Du châssis à la machine à mouler» : la transformation des méthodes de production dans l'industrie canadienne du moulage, au cours de la seconde moitié du XIXe siècle; Philippe Maurice, "Snippets of History: The Tintype and Prairie Canada"; Michelle Comeau, «Les grands magasins de la rue Ste-Catherine à Montréal : des lieux de modernisation, d'homogénéisation et de différenciation des modes de consommation».

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions: Sylvana Villata, «Les maisons de la culture de la Ville de Montréal, La culture italienne, lieux et mémoire»; James Naylor "Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, Winnipeg 1919: A City in Crisis"; Steve Prystupa, "Hockey Hall of Fame".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Duncan Ferguson Cameron, "Kevin Walsh, The Representation of the Past: Museums and Heritage in the Post-Modern World"; Donald Swainson, "R. Louis Gentilcore, et al, eds., Historical Atlas of Canada, Vol. II, The Land Transformed 1800-1891"; Larry McNally, "Barrie Trinder, ed., The Blackwell Encylopedia of Industrial Archaeology"; Randall C. Brooks, "Robert Bud and Susan E. Cozzens, eds., Invisible Connections: Instruments, Institutions and Science "; Christopher Andreae, "Peter Freund and George Martin, The Ecology of the Automobile"; Helge Kongsrund, "National Archives of Canada, Treasures of the National Archives of Canada"; John E. Carter, "Roger Hall, Gordon Dodds and Stanley Triggs, The World of William Notman: The Nineteenth Centry Through a Master Lens"; Gillian Naylor, "Katharine A. Lochnan, Douglas E. Schoenherr and Carole Silver, eds., The Earthly Paradise: Arts and Crafts by William Morris and His Circle from Canadian Collections".

42. Fall 1995 / Automne 1995

Editorial / Éditorial

Articles: Gerald T. Conaty and Barry Agnew, "Exhibiting Warriors at the Glenbow"; Carl Benn, "The Blockhouses of Toronto: A Material History Study"; René Chartrand, «Les drapeaux militaires en Nouvelle-France»; Jonathan F. Vance, "Tangible Demonstrations of a Great Victory: War Trophies in Canada"; Hugh A. Halliday, "Symbols of Honour: The Search for a National Canadian Honours System"; Laura Brandon, "A Unique and Important Asset? The Transfer of the War Art Collections from the National Gallery of Canada to the Canadian War Museum"; Bonita Bray, "From Flag-Waving to pragmatism: Images of Patriotism, Heroes and War in Canadian World War II Propaganda Posters"; Bill Rawling, "Technology in Search of a Role: The machine Gun and the CEF in the First World War"; Peter Krenn, Paul Kalaus and Bert Hall, "Material Culture and Military History: Test-Firing Early Modern Small Arms".

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions: Annemarie Adams, "National Building Museum, World War II and the American Dream: How Wartime Building Changed a Nation"; Sharon McLeod-Martin, "Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, Remembering Our Warriors: A Tribute to Manitoba's First Nations Veterans".

Film and Video Reviews / Comptes rendus de films et vidéos: Barbara Abrash, "Picturing World War II: The Visual Record and Its Legacies"; Patricia Aufderheide, "Personal Documentary: War and Memory".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: R.H. Caldwell, "Technical Determinism: Examining the Armour in Armoured Warfare"; Martin Kitchen, "Paul Fussell, Wartime: Understanding and Behaviour in the Second World War, Michael D. Doubler, Closing with the Enemy, How GIs Fought the War in Europe 1944-1945"; Desmond Morton, "Gaynor Kavanaugh, Museums of the First World War: A Social History"; Bernard Pothier, "René Chartrand, Canadian Military Heritage, Jacques Bodin, L'histoire extraordinaire des soldats de la Nouvelle-France"; Peter Simkins, "Desmond Morton, When Your Number's Up: The Canadian Soldier in the First World War".

43. Spring 1996 / Printemps 1996

Editorial / Éditorial

Forum / Colloque: Garth Wilson, "History Museum, Media Coverage and Material History".

Articles: Marijke Kerkhoven, "Striving for the Divine Ornament: Change and Adaptation of Hutterite Women's Dress in North America"; Yves Bergeron,«Les systèmes de classification et l'informatisation des collections : enjeux et derates»; Joanne Watkins, «Vennat, maison spécialisée en broderie : mode ou tradition?».

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Gloria Lesser, "Carl Poul Peterson: Master Danish-Canadian Silversmith"; G. Leslie Oliver, "The Fractional Horsepower Motor and its Impact on Canadian Society and Culture".

Exhibit Review / Compte rendu d'exposition: Michael McCaughan, "National Maritime Museum, Reading the Relics: Titanic Culture and the Wreck of the Titanic Exhibit".

Film/Video Review / Compte rendu de film ou vidéo: Elspeth Cameron, "David Adkin and Arlene Moscovitch, Constructing Reality: Exploring Media Issues in Documentary".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Anna Adamek, "Apolonja Maria Kejder and Barbara Glogowska, "Marynia Don't Cry: Memoirs of Two Polish-Canadian Families"; Hallie E. Bond, "Patricia Jasen, Wild Things: Nature, Culture and Tourism in Ontario, 1790-1914"; Bill McKee, "Richard Rajala, The Legacy and the Challenge: A Century of the Forest Industry at Cowichan lake"; Paul Nathanson, "John McIntyre, Children of Peace"; Brian S. Osborne, "Grady Clay, Real Places: An Unconventional Guide to America's Generic Landscape, John Brinckerhoff Jackson, A Sense of Place, A Sense of Time"; M. Stephen Salmon, "E.B. "Skip" Gillham, The Ships of Collingwood"; Barrie Trinder, "Robert B. Gordon and Patrick M. Malone, The Texture of Industry: An Archaeological View of the Industrialization of North America".

44. Fall 1996 / Automne 1996

Editorial / Éditorial

Articles: Elizabeth C. Cromley, "Transforming the Food Axis: Houses, Tools, Modes of Analysis"; Susan Haight, "Machines in Suburban Gardens: The 1936 T. Eaton Company Architectural Competition for House Designs"; Richard MacKinnon, "Tompkinsville, Cape Breton Island: Co-operativism and Vernacular Architecture"; Elizabeth Beaton, "Slag Houses in a Steel City"; Carl Benn, "British Army Officer Housing in Upper Canada, 1784-1841"; David Guynes, "Managing Household Pests the Old-Fashioned Way: Defenses Against Pest Damage in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries".

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions: Karen Dubinsky, "National Museum of Science and Technology, Love, Leisure and Laundry: Why Housework Just Won't Go Away"; Jo-anne McCutcheon, "Finding a Space for Children and Their History: The Manitoba Children's Museum and the Children's Museum, Canadian Museum of Civilization"; Rhona Richman Kenneally, "Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, Power and Planning: Industrial Towns in Québec, 1890-1950".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Annmarie Admans, "Helen Damon-Moore, Magazines for the Millions: Gender and Commerce in The Ladies' Home Journal and The Saturday Evening Post, 1880-1910"; Jane L. Cook, "Michael S. Bird, Canadian Country Furniture, 1675-1950"; Edward S. Cooke, Jr., "John A. Fleming, The Painted Furniture of French Canada, 1700-1840"; Elizabeth C. Cromley, "Jessica H. Foy and Karal Ann Marling, The Arts and the American Home, 1890-1930"; Joan Mattie, "Nicole Eaton and Hilary Weston, At Home in Canada"; Gerald L. Pocius, "Harold Kalman, A History of Canadian Architecture"; Marion Roberts, "Annmarie Adams, Architecture in the Family Way: Doctors, Houses and Women, 1870-1900".

45. Spring 1997 / Printemps 1997

Editorial / En tête: Turning the Page / Une page est tournée; Assessing Ourselves / Autoévaluation

Articles: Gerald L. Pocius, "Material Culture Research: Authentic Things, Authentic Values"; Nicole Cloutier, "Quelques instruments de musique de XIXe siècle dans la collection du Musée du Château Ramezay"; Mark Ferguson, "Hard Racket for a Living - Making Light-Salted Fish on the East Coast of Newfoundland"; Helen S. Schwartz, "When Barbie Dated G.I. Joe: Analyzing the Toys of the Early Cold War Era".

Conference Report / Rapport de colloque: Sharon Babaian, "History and the Public Interest".

Film and Video Review / Compte rendu de films et vidéos: Ron Burnett, "Robert Brent Toplin, ed., Ken Burns's The Civil War: Historians Respond, David Bercuson and S.F. Wise, eds., The Valour and the Horror Revisited".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Duncan Ferguson Cameron, "Ivan Karp and Steven D. Lavine, eds., Exhibiting Cultures: The Poetics and Politics of Museum Display, Ivan Karp, Christine Mullen Kreamer, and Steven D. Lavine, eds., Museums and Communities: The Politics of Public Culture"; Bryan Dewalt, "Angela E. Davis, Art and Work: A Social History of Labour in the Canadian Graphic Arts Industry to the 1940s"; David Jarraway, "Betsy Erkkila and Jay Grossman, eds., Breaking Bounds: Whitman and Cultural Studies"; Paul Nathanson, "David Morgan, ed., Icons of American Protestantism: The Art of Warner Sallman"; John Summers, "Hallie E. Bond, Boats and Boating in the Adirondacks"; Brian S. Osborne, "Simon Schama, Landscape and Memory".

46. Fall 1997 / Automne 1997

Editorial / Éditorial: Exchanges, Ecologies, Exhibitions/ Échanges, écologies, expositions.

Articles: Christopher Clarke-Hazlett, "Interpreting Environmental History through Material Culture"; Peter Kaellgren, "Omar Ramsden and the CNE"; Cynthia Wallace-Casey, "Providential Openings": The Women Weavers of Nineteenth-Century Queens County, New Brunswick.

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Dennis Bartels, "George Cove's Solar Energy Device"; Bonar A. (SANDY) Gow, "Researching Alberta's Gas Technology: A Case Study - The Turner Valley Gas Plant"; Frederick John Thorpe, "La pierre de taille des Charentes et les colonies françaises".

Exhibit Review / Compte rendu d'exposition: Elizabeth H. Kennell, "The Bank of Montreal Museum".

Conference Review / Rapport de colloque: Garald Pocius, "Material Culture Worlds: A Report on Three Conferences".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Anna Adamek, "Cracovie ville belle et merveilleuse, Kracovian Szopka: From the Collection of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, Krakows Julkrubbor"; Annmarie Adams, "Maureen Ogle, All the Modern Conveniences: American Household plumbing, 1840-1890";Jean-François Gauvin, " Arno Borst, The Ordering of Time: From the Ancient Computus to the Modern Computer", "Gerhard Dohrn-Van Rossum, History of the Hour: Clocks and the Modern Temporal Orders"; David McGee, "Eileen Reid Marcil, "The Charley-Man: A History of Wooden Shipbuilding at Quebec, 1763-1893"; Paul Nathanson, "Colleen McDannell, Material Christianity: Religion and Popular Culture in America"; Jean-Marc Ran Oppenheim, "Robert Elgood, The Arms and Armour of Arabia in the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries"; Luce Vermette, "Edward S. Cooke, Making Furniture in Preindustrial America: The Social Economy of Newtown and Woodbury, Connecticut".

47. Spring 1998 / Printemps 1998

Editorial / Éditorial: Ideal Forms, Practical Responses / Formes idéales, solutions pratiques.

Articles: Tim Cook, "Through Clouded Eyes: Gas Masks and the Canadian Corps in the First World War"; Terry MacLean, "The Making of Public History: A Comparative Study of Skansen Open Air Museum, Sweden; Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia; and the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, Nova Scotia"; Jean-François Moreau, "La question de l'interculturalité en archéologie: l'exemple d'une région du Subarctique oriental".

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Richard MacKinnon, "Making a House a Home: Company Housing in Cape Breton Island"; Walter Peddle, "Newfoundland Outport Furniture: Identifying Irish Regional Links".

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions: Jane L. Cook, "Canadian Museum of Civilization, The Painted Furniture of French Canada, 1700-1840"; Rhona Richman Kenneally, "Clothing in Two Acts"; Elisabeth Naud, "Musée des Arts décoratifs de Montréal, Le plaisir de l'objet: nouveau regard sur les arts décoratifs du XX e siècle".

Media Reviews / Comptes rendus de média: Bryan Dewalt, "CBC and BBC, "Dawn of the Eye"; Susan James, "Rick Prelinger, Our Secret Century: Archival Films from the Darker Side of the American Dream";

Conference Review / Rapport de colloque: Louise Trottier, "Interpreting Edison".

Book Reviews / Compte rendus de livres: Anna Adamek, "Krzysztof Dydo, Masters of Polish Poster Art"; Annmarie Adams, "Annette Carruthers, ed., "The Scottish Home"; Marion H. Barclay, "Wendy M. Watson, Altered States: Conservation, Analysis and Interpretation of Works of Art"; Bozena Bilinska-Kornas, "Richard Teleky, Hungarian Rhapsodies: Essays on Ethnicity, Identity and Culture"; Laura Brandon, "Jonathan F. W. Vance, Death So Noble: Memory, Meaning and the First World War"; Randall C. Brooks, "Alfred W. Crosby, The Measure of Reality: Quantification of Western Society, 1250 -1600 "; R. John Corby, "Barrie Trinder, The Industrial Archaeology of Shropshire"; Jacques R. Giard, "Stephen Fenichell, Plastic: The Making of Synthetic Century"; Robin Inglis, "Lawrence Weschler, Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Curiosities"; Edward J. Keall, "Ralph S. Hattox, Coffee and Coffeehouses: The Origins of a Social Beverage in the Medieval Near East"; Barbara Klempan, "Paul Mitchell and Lynn Roberts, A History of European Picture Frames"; Franz Klingender, "Katherine Jellison, Entitled to Power: Farm Women and Technology, 1913 - 1963"; Richard MacKinnon, "Michael Ann Williams, Homeplace: The Social Use and Meaning of the Folk Dwelling in Southwestern North Carolina"; Brian S. Osborne, "Hugh Clout, After the Ruins: Restoring the countryside of Northern France After the Great War"; Lydia Sharman, "Harriet Dover, Home Front Furniture: British Utility Design, 1941 to 1951"; Cory Silverstein, "Arthur J. Ray, I Have Lived Here Since the World Began: An Illustrated History of Canada's Native People".

48. Fall 1998 / Automne 1998

Editorial / Éditorial: Small Craft / Embarcations.

Articles: John Summers, "Probably the Most Beautiful Rowboat Afloat: The Form and Meaning of the St Lawrence Skiff"; Hallie E. Bond, "The Featherweight and the Backwoods and the Evolution of the Pack Canoe"; Brad Loewen, "Recent Advances in Ship History and Archaeology, 1450-1650: Hull Design, Regional Typologies and Wood Studies"; David McGee, "The Amsler Integrator and the Burden of Calculation"; Scott Muir Stroh III, "Snagboats and "Dead-Heads": Interpreting Maritime History Onboard the W.T. Preston" ; Paula J. Johnson, "Boat Models, Buoys and Board Games: Reflecting and Reliving Watermen's Work"; Nicolas Landry, "Culture matérielle et niveaux de richesse chez les pêcheurs de Plaisance et de l'île Royale, 1700-1758"; Laura Brandon, "Emotion as Document: Death and Dying in the Second World War Art of Jack Nichols"; Patricia Bellis Bixel, "You Paint Me a Ship as is Like a Ship": The Verkin Ship Portraits"; Alberto Baldi, "Mi-marins, mi-mages: caractères de l'univers magico-religieux des pêcheurs et des gens de mer du littoral tyrrhénien"; Maurice Duval, "Les objets du rite: le baptême de la Ligne"; Michael McCaughan, "Voyagers in the Vault of Heaven: The Phenomemon of Ships in the Sky in Medieval Ireland and Beyond".

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Charles D. Moore, "Reassembly of a Sixteenth-Century Basque Chalupa" ; Daniel La Roche, "Le Marco Polo, un navire canadien de renommée mondiale au milieu du XIXe siècle".

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions: Robin Inglis, "Edu-tainment and the Museum: A Cautionary Tale".

Media Reviews / Comptes rendus de média: John Wilson Foster, "Recent Media Treatments of the Titanic Tragedy".

Book Reviews / Compte rendus de livres: John G. Arrison, "Eilen Reid Marcil, Tall Ships and Tankers: The History of Davie Shipbuilders"; Hallie R. Bond, "Jamie Benidickson, Idleness, Water and a Canoe: Reflections on Paddling for Pleasure"; Wendy R. Childs, "Richard Hoffmann, Fishers' Craft and Lettered Art: Tracts on Fishing from the End of the Middle Ages"; N. Lyles Forbes, "John Szarkowski and Richard Benson, A Maritime Album: 100 Photographs and Their Stories"; Anne Godlewska, "Robin Fisher and Hugh Johnston, From Maps to Metaphors: The Pacific World of George Vancouver"; Daniel G. Harris, "John E. Barnard, Building Britain's Wooden Walls: The Barnard Dynasty, 1697-1851"; Olaf Uwe Janzen, "Peter E. Pope, The Many Landfalls of John Cabot"; Steve Killing, "Peter Watts and Tracy Marsh, W. Watts & Sons Boat Builders: Canadian Designs for Work and Pleasure, 1842-1946"; David A.Taylor, "Wayne M. O'Leary, The Tancook Schooners: An Island and Its Boats"; David A. Walker, "Julian Mannering, ed., The Chatham Directory of Inshore Craft: Traditional Working Vessels of the British Isles".

49. Spring 1999 / Printemps 1999

Editorial / Éditorial: The Material Culture of Us / Une culture matérielle bien à nous.

Articles: G. Bruce Retallack, "Razors, Shaving and Gender Construction: An Inquiry into the Material Culture of Shaving"; Janice Rahn, "Painting Without Permission: An Ethnographic Study of Hip-Hop Grafitti Culture"; Alyson E. King, "Centres of ‘Home-Like Influence': Residences for Women at the University of Toronto"; J.T.H. Connor and Felicity Pope, "A Shocking Business: The Technology and Practice of Electrotherapeutics in Canada, 1840s to 1940s".

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions: Wendy Cooper, "The Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto".

Book Reviews / Compte rendus de livres: Anna Adamek, "Jane Taylor and Lesley Smith, eds., Women and the Book: Assessing the Visual Evidence"; Paul Nathanson, "John Davis, The Landscape of Belief: Encountering the Holy Land in Nineteenth-Century American Art and Culture"; Brian S. Osborne, "F.H.A. Aalaen, Kevin Whelan, and Matthew Stout, eds., Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape"; Robert Tremblay, "Geoffrey Batchen, Burning with Desire: The Conceptions of Photography".

50. Fall 1999 / Automne 1999

Articles: A.J.B. Johnston, "Past/Present/Future: Marking Louisbourg"; Luc Noppen and Lucie K. Morisset, "The Architecture of Old Quebec, or The History of a Palimpsest"; Susan Pearce, "Material History as Cultural Transition: A La Ronde, Exmouth, Devon, England"; Barbara LeBlanc, "Construction d'un paysage identitaire: Grand-Pré et la collectivité acadienne"; Denis Laborde et Laurier Turgeon, "Construire une histoire Basque au Québec"; Tasslyn Frame, "Our Nation's Attic?: Making American National Identity".

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Camron Pulsifer, "Hitler's Car and the Canadian War Museum: Problems of Documentation and Interpretation"; Michael S. Nassaney and Carl A. Nickolai, "Selective Memories and the Material World: The Changing Significance of the Warren B. Shepard Site, Battle Creek, Michigan" Interview/Entrevue: Sharon Babaian, "David Lowenthal on Public History: An Interview".

Book Reviews / Compte rendus de livres: Duncan Ferguson Cameron, "Amy Henderson and Adrienne L. Kaeppler, eds., Exhibiting Dilemmas: Issues of Representation at the Smithsonian"; Paul Nathanson, "Peter W. Williams, Houses of God: Region, Religion and Architecture in the United States"; Philip V. Scarpino, "Michael Wallace, Mickey Mouse History and Other Essays on Public Memory"; Louise Trottier, "Roch Samson, Les Forges du Saint-Maurice: les débuts de l'industrie sidérurgique au Canada 1730-1883"; Diane Tye, "Ann Smart Martin and J. Ritchie Garrison, American Material Culture : The Shape of the Field".

51. Spring 2000 / Printemps 2000

Articles: Marcel Moussette, "Des couteaux pour la traite des fourrures"; Christina Bates, "Wearing Two Hats: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Millinery Trade in Ontario, 1850-1930"; Danièle Dossetto, "Une muséologie volontariste en Provence : la galerie du costume au Museon arlaten (Arles) à l'épreuve de l'enquête ethnologique".

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche: Pat Tomczyszyn, "With Love from the Trenches: Embroidered Silk Postcards of the First World War"; Gérald Baril, "Costumes du monde : réinterpréter le patrimoine matériel".

Course Review / Compte rendu de cours: Antoinette Duplessis, "Winterthur Museum's 1999 Winter Institute".

Exhibit Review / Compte rendu d'exposition: Paul J. Gruchy, "The Newfoundland Museum, St John's, Possessions: A Collection in Progress".

Book Reviews / Compte rendus de livres: Randall Brooks, "Richard Panek, Seeing and Believing: How the Telescope Opened Our Eyes and Minds to the Heavens"; R. John Corby, "Christopher A. Andreae, Lines of Country: An Atlas of Railway and Waterway History in Canada"; Rhona Richman Kenneally, "Karen Dubinsky, The Second Greatest Disappointment: Honeymooning and Tourism at Niagara Falls "; "Linda May Ballard: Forgetting Frolic: Marriage Traditions in Ireland"; David McGee, "Robert Fox ed., Technological Change: Methods and Themes in the History of Technology"; Marcel Moussette, "Siân Jones, The Archeology of Ethnicity"; Brian S. Osborne, "Jeremy Black, Maps and History: Constructing Images of the Past".

52. Fall 2000 / Automne 2000

Editorial / Éditorial

Articles: Alexis McCrossen, "Time Balls: Marking Modern Times in Urban America, 1877-1922"; Bryan Dewalt, "Men, Women and Machines: Time Management and Machine Dictation in the Modern Office"; Patricia K. Wood, "The Historic Site as a Cultural Text: A Geography of Heritage in Calgary, Alberta"; Carlene E. Stephens, "From Little Machines to Big Themes: Thinking about Clocks, Watches and Time at the National Museum of American History"; Catherine Saouter, "Les Pères de la Confédération : photographie, peinture et représentation".

Research Note / Note de recherche: Randall C. Brooks, A Canadian Time Ball / Un ballon horaire canadien.

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions: Sarah Gordon, "The Eva and Morris Feld gallery, Museum of American Fold Art, Millennial Dreams: Vision and Prophecy in American Fold Art"; Siân Best, "The Millenium Dome, Greenwich, London, England".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Robert Hannah, "Duncan Steele, Marking Time: The Epic Quest to Invent the Perfect Calendar".; David Harris, "Bruce Barnard, Century: One Hundred Years of Human Progress, Regression, Suffering and Hope"; Paul Nathanson, "Daniel Wojcik, The End of the World as We Know It: Faith, Fatalism, and Apocalypse in America"; Andrea Schuld, "Mark Kingwell, Dreams of Millenium". Photograph/Photographie: Catherine Marcogliese, "Night-Time". Poem/Poème: Elizabeth Irving-Waddleton, "Reconstruction".

53. Spring 2001 / Printemps 2001

Editorial / Éditorial

Article: Douglas McCalla, "Textile Purchases by Some Ordinary Upper Canadians, 1808-1861".

Research Reports / Rapports de recherches: Nadia Kajjou, "Les oubliées de la société et le tapis du Moyen Atlas marocain"; Michel Wyczynski, "Canadian War Museum's Airborne Beret Collection"; Suzanne Beauvais, "La ville, agent catalyseur de développement : le rôle des municipalités dans l'évolution de l'industrie canadienne des véhicules d'incendie, 1945-1965".

Exhibit Review / Compte rendu d'exposition: Jennifer Carter And Colleen Ovenden, "Finding Sense in New Places: Vital Signs in Contemporary Art Practice".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Georges Gauthier-Larouche, "Lynda Villeneuve, Paysage, mythe et territorialité : Charlevoix au XIXe siècle, pour une nouvelle approche du paysage"; Larry McNally, "Richard White, Gentlemen Engineers: The Careers of Frank and Walter Shanly"; Delphin A. Muise, "Brian Young, The Making and Unmaking of a University Museum: The McCord, 1921-1996"; Joan Seidl, "Lilia d'Acres and Donald Luxton, Lions Gate"; Brian S. Osborne, "Eva Mackey, The House of Difference: Cultural Politics and National Identity in Canada"; David McGee, "Wave of the Future, Same Old Story – The New York Times Magazine".

Photo Essay / Étude photographique: David W. Monaghan, "A Diverse Legacy: The CN Photo Collection at the Canada Science and Technology Museum".

54. Fall 2001 / Automne 2001

Editorial / Éditorial: Popular Culture / Culture populaire

Articles: Elisabeth I. Ward, "Viking pop Culture on Display: The Case of the Horned Helmets"; John D. Fairfield, "The Park in the City: Baseball Landscapes Civically Considered"; Jocelyne Mathieu, "Découvir, étudier et mettre en valeur la culture matérielle : dialectique entre cultures populaire et savante, l'exemple québécois au 20e siècle"; Sharon M.H. MacDonald, "As the Locusts in Egypt Gathered Crops": Hooked Mat Mania and Cross-Border Shopping in the Early Twentieth Century"; Garth Wilson, "Shiver My Timbers: Images, Objects and Ideas in the Popular Culture of Seafaring"; Cindy Donatelli, "Driving the Suburbs: Minivans, Gender and Family Values".

Research Report / Rapport de recherche: Isabelle Simard, "Récupérer pour créer : les enjeux de la récupération des textiles dans le design de mode québécois depuis 1980"; Shirley Teresa Wajda, "Repo Culture".

Exhibit Review / Compte rendu d'expositions: The J›A›K›A›L Collective, "Cultures of Nothing: Popular Culture in the Museum Context–Hitchcoc, Hip Hop, and the Hockey Hall of Fame".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Rhona Richman Kenneally, "Joanne Hollows, Feminism, Feminity and Popular Culture, Alison J. Clarke, Tupperware: The Promise of Plastic in 1950s America"; Russel Johnston. "Maurice Rickards, The Encyclopedia of Ephemera: A Guide to the Fragmentary Documents of Everyday Life for the Collector, Curator, and Historian"; Anna Adamek, "Kevin Mulroy, ed., Western Amerykanski: Pokish Poster Art and the Western"; Donald F. Davis, " David Thomas, Len Holden and Tim Claydon, eds, The Motor Car and Popular Culture in the Twentieth Century"; Randall Brooks, "Witold Rybczynski, One Good Turn: A Natural History of the Screwdriver and the Screw"; Wim Gilles, " Regina Lee Baszczyk, Imagining Consumers –Design and Innovation from Wedgwood to Corning".

Last Impressions / Dernières impressions

55. Spring 2002 / Printemps 2002

Articles: Pat Tomczyszyn, "Sifting Through the Papers of the Past: Using Archival Documents for Costume Research in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth- Century Quebec"; Brian S.Osborne, "Moose Jaw's "Great Escape"; Constructing Tunnels, Deconstructing Heritage, Marketing Places"; Dessislav Sabev, "Consommer la mobilité" en Bulgarie postsocialiste (1990-2000) : sujets et objets"; Melissa Zielke, "Go Down Moses: The Griffn House and the Continuing Struggle to Preserve, Interpret and Exhibit Black History"; Jane Burns, "The Multiple Roles of the Millworker's Lunch Basket in Central Newfoundland".

Research Reports / Rapports de recherches: Anna Adamek, "Industrial Transfers from the Collection of the Canada Science and Technology Museum"; Steve Killing and Dawn McColl, "Documenting the Small Craft Collection of the Canadian Canoe Museum: The Development of SmartScan and the Visual Archiver".

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions: David J. Marcogliese and Sharon McGladdery, "Lifelines: Canada's East Coast Fisheries; David W. Monaghan, "Aluminum by Design: From Jewellery to Jets".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Robert Tremblay, "Claire Poitras, La Cité au bout du fil : le téléphone à Montréal de 1879 à 1930"; David B. Flemming, "Mark Kingwell and Christopher Moore, Canada our Century: 100 Voices, 500 Visions"; Rhona Richman Kenneally, "Sherrie A. Inness, Dinner Roles: American Women and Culinary Culture, Mary Drake McFeely, Can She Bake A Cherry Pie? American Women and the Kitchen in the Twentieth Century"; Edwards S. Cooke Jr., "Donald Blake Webster, Rococo to Rustique: Early French-Canadian Furniture in the Royal Ontario Museum"; Brian S. Osborne, "Catherine Delano-Smith and Roger J. P. Kain, English Maps: A History". Rhona Richman Kenneally, "Joy Parr, Domestic Goods: The Material, the Moral, and the Economic in the Postwar Years".

56. Fall 2002 / Automne 2002

Editorial / Éditorial: Clothing / Le vêtement

Articles: Hélène Paré : "Trésor d'archives : le livre paye d'une chapellerie montréalaise au début du XIX e siècle"; Ouglas Nakashima: "Inuit Women's Knowledge of Bird Skins and Its Application in Clothing Construction, Sanikiluaq, Nunavut"; Élise Dubuc : "Culture matérielle et représentations symboliques par grands froids : les vêtements de l'industrie du plein air et la tradition inuit"; Mélissa Gauthier : "Les habits de l'identité maya yucatèque moderne"; Elizabeht Lominska Johnson: "Clothes That Are Not Worn (except...): The Politics of the Clothing Collection at the Museum of Anthopology".

Exhibit Review / Compte rendu d'exposition: Nicolas Johnson: "From Mandarin Silk Ciselé Velvet to Navy Blue Wool Gabardine: Three Centuries of Men's Fashion at the McCord Museum".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Sarah Johnson: "Alexandra Palmer, Couture and Commerce: The Transatlantic Fashion Trade in the 1950s"; Pamela A. Klassen: "Linda B. Arthur, ed., Undressing Religion: Commitment and Conversion from a Cross-Cultural Perspective"; Sandra Niessen: "Linda Welters, ed., Folk Dress in Europe and Anatolia: Beliefs about Protection and Fertility"; Galia T. Petkova: "Liza Crihfield Dalby, Kimono: Fashioning Culture".

57. Spring 2003 / Printemps 2003

Editorial / Éditorial: Material Culture and Aesthetics / L'esthétique et la culture matérielle

Articles: Patrick Carroll: "Love Your Neighbour: Evaluating the Creative Impulse of Armand Lemiez"; Catherine Ferland: ‘Du vin d'Espagne au champagne : la "carte des vins" de la Nouvelle-France au XVIIIe siècle"; Jillian Gould: Toronto Blueberry Buns: "History, Community, Memory"; Cathy Mathias: "The Impact of Conservation on an Archaeological Site in Ferryland, Newfoundland"; Paul B. Williams: Raising the Dead: "The Use of Osteo-Archaeology to Establish Identity at the Little Dutch Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia";

Research Reports / Rapports de recherches: Etienne Berthold: "À la découverte d'une oeuvre oubliée : l'action éducative et scientifique de l'abbé Léon Provancher travers la Collection Léon- Provancher de l'Université Laval"; Bill Manning: "Beyond the Difenbunker: Canada's Forgotten "Little Bunkers".

Research Note / Note de recherche: Dennis Bartels: "Renewable Energy Technologies and Communist Societies Envisioned by William Morris and August Bebel".

Exhibition Review / Compte rendu d'exposition: Brian Burns: "Young Nordic Design: Generation X". An exhibition of Design from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Jenny Cook: "Carlos Mustienes, 1000 Extra/ordinary Objects. Uwe Ommer, 1000 Families: The Family Album of Planet Earth"; Rhona Richman Kenneally: "Rachel Gotlieb and Cora Golden, Design in Canada: Fifty Years from Teakettles to Task Chairs"; David McGee: "Artifacts: An Archaeologist's Year in Silicon Valley".

58. Fall 2003 / Automne 2003

Editorial / Éditorial: Objects and Context / Objets et contexte

Articles: Kristin M. Harris: "An Examination of the Pointe Shoe as Artifact through Ethnographic and Gender Analysis"; Peggy Hogan: "Life and Work in the Brigus Knitting Mills, 1953-1970"; Geneviéve Roy: "L'espace domestique comme source biographique : le cas de la maison d'Alphonse et de Dorimène Desjardins Lévis"; Sabina Elena Stan: "Régimes de vérité et quête de l'origine : marché et monde des objets dans la Roumanie post-communiste"; Melissa Zielke: "Forget-Me-Nots: Victorian Women, Mourning, and the Construction of a Feminine Historical Memory".

Research Report / Rapport de recherche: Cathy Mathias, Matthew Carter, Barry Gaulton, and Mike Tubrett: "Metallurgic Analysis of Slag Samples from a Seventeenth-Century Blacksmith Shop in Ferryland, Newfoundland".

Exhibit Review / Compte rendu d'exposition: Sandra A. Niessen: MoMu: A Stylish Newcomer in the World of Fashion and Museums".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Suzanne Beauvais: "Sara E. Wermiel, The Fireproof Building: Technology and Public Safety in the Nineteenth-Century American City"; Edward S. Cooke Jr.: "Jane L. Cook, Coalescense of Styles: The Ethnic Heritage of St John River Valley Regional Furniture, 1763-1851"; Rhona Richman Kennealy: "Robert J. Belton, Sights of Resistance: Approaches to Canadian Visual Culture"; David M. Monaghan: "Marylin J. McKay, A National Soul: Canadian Mural Painting, 1860s-1930s".

59. Spring / Printemps 2004

Editorial / Éditorial: The Appropriation and Disappropriation of Objects / L'appropriation et la désappropriation des objets

Articles: François Simard et Louis-Pascal Rousseau, "La ceinture fléchée au carrefour des convoitises des communautés canadiennes-françaises, amérindiennes et métisses du Canada"; Van Troi Tran, "Vitrines coloniales : ehnologie plastique de l'Algérie à l'exposition universelle de 1889 à Paris"; Marie-Blanche Fourcade, "L'identité culturelle arménienne entrevue dans un intérieur domestique : les indices d'un patrimoine de diaspora"; Tania Martin, "From Object of Pversy to National Treasure: The Ambuguous Place of Catholic Convents in Quebec and the Thetoric of Heritage"; Véronique Klauber, "La modernité paradoxale inscrite dans la culture matérielle d'une communauté de Roms hongrois"; Paul Van Der Grijp, "Reconsidering the Smallest of Artifacts: On the Origins of Philatelic Collecting".

Media Review / Compte rendu de média: Nicole Vallières, Des musées dans tous leurs états : trois sites Web.

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Brian S. Osborne "David Turnock, An Historical Geography of Railwas in Great Britain and Ireland"; Gerald L.Pocius, "Michael Brian Schiffer with Andrea R. Miller, The Material Life of Human Beings: Artifacts, Behavior, and Communication"; Wilhelm E. Nassau, "Alan MacFarlane and Gerry Martin, Glass: A World History".

60. Autume / Automne 2005

Éditorial / Éditorial: Objetcts and Identity / Objets et identité

Articles: Christian Roy, "Le travail de la forge à Fort-Témiscamingue : un facteur de développement dans l=occupation du territoire"; Paula Flynn, "Making and Metaphor: Hooked Rug Development in Newfoundland,1973-2003"; Brian S. Osborne and Deraint B. Osborne, "The Cast(e)ing of Heroic Landscapes of Power: Constructing Canada's Pantheon on Parliament Hill"; Lynne McNeill, "Traces of Coming and Going": The Contemporary Creation of Inuksuit on the Avalon Peninsula"; Janet G. Gilmore, "Sagamité and Booya: French Influence and Defining Great Lakes Culinary Heritage".

Research Reports / Rapports de recherches: Grant MacLeod, "The Painter (Tyee) Boat"; Robyn Pike, "The Rorke Stores Museum: "Balancing the Scales" "; Art W. Cockerill, "The Trappers of Labrador".

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61. Spring / Printemps 2005

Éditorial / Éditorial: Material Culture Studies and Design History / Études de la culture matérielle et histoire du design

Articles: Pravina Shukla, "The Study of Dress and Adornment as Social Positioning"; Jean-François Plante, "L'instrument de musique amérindien dans l'Est de l'Amérique du Nord : facture, usages et changements, des contacts à 1800"; Annmarie Adams, "Picturing Vernacular Architecture: Thaddeus Holownia's Photographs of Irving Gas Stations"; Lydia Ferrabee Sharman, "Design and Innovation in Montreal through the 1960s and 1970s"

Research Reports / Rapports de recherches: Nicolette Prince, "Nlaka'pamux Women's Headgear: An Examination of Design Elements"; Barbara Klempan, "Paintbox at Sea: The Materials and Techniques of Canadian Second World War Artist C. Anthony Law"; Sharon Babaian, "Evidence From a Disaster: The Ocean Ranger Collection at the Canada Science and Technology Museum"

Exhibition Review / Compte rendu d'exposition: Brad Lowen, "Once in French America / Il était une fois en Amérique Française".

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Kris Inwood, "James Candow, ed., Industry and Society in Nova Scotia: An illustrated History"; Rhona Richman Kenneally, "Digesting Food Writing:, "Lucy M. Long, ed., Culinary Tourism",and "Jamie Horwitz and Paulette Singley, eds., Eating Architecture".

62. Fall/Automne 2005

Editorial / Éditorial

Articles: Michael C. Wilson, "The "Placing" of Identity in Nomadic Societies: Aboriginal Landscapes of the Northwestern Plains of North America"; Phillip Gordon MacKintosh, "Asphalt Modernism on the Streets of Toronto, 1890–1900"; Kirsten Greer and Laura Cameron, " "Swee-ee-et Cán-a-da, Cán-a-da, Cán-a-da": Sensuous Landscapes of Birdwatching in the Eastern Provinces, 1900–1939"; Matthew Hatvany, "The "Totem Poles" of Saint-Roch: Graffiti, Material Culture and the Re-Appropriation of a Popular Landscape"; Sylvain Paquette, Phillippe Poullaouec-Gonidec et GÉRALD DOMON, "Le paysage, une qualification socioculturelle du territoire"

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Michael Kluckner, Vanishing British Columbia by Ben Bradley; Martin V. Melosi and Philip Scarpino, eds., Public History and the Environment by Colin M. Coates; Chris Wilson and Paul Groth, eds., Everyday America: Cultural Landscape Studies after J. B. Jackson by Leonard J. Evenden

Contributors / Collaborateurs

63. Spring/Printemps 2006

Editorial / Éditorial: A New Name, a New Home and New Directions / Nouveau nom, nouveau domicile, nouvelles orientations

Articles: Tom Urbaniak, "Who Preserves? The Protection of Historic Places in Growing and Struggling Communities"; Caroline Mercier, "Des gages d'amour pour la traite des fourrures : Transferts de sens et réappropriations des bagues « jésuites » à motif L-Coeur et des bagues à motif foi en Amérique du Nord-est aux XVIIeet XVIIIe siècles

Research Reports / Rapports de recherches: Louise Saint-Pierre, Les aliments génétiquement métissés: Précis de tératologie alimentaire; Bill Manning, Showcasing the Military Aviation Uniform Collection at the Canada Aviation Museum

Exhibition Review / Compte rendu d'exposition: S. Holyck Hunchuck, Cool '60s Design/Design à gogo

Book Review Essay / Essai sur un compte rendu de livre: Jonathan Bordo, The Wasteland—An Essay on Manufactured Landscapes

Book Reviews / Compte rendus de livres: Martin Racine, À la découverte d'une identité

Obituary / Nécrologie: Stephen Inglis on Michael Ames

Contributors / Collaborateurs

64. Fall/Automne 2006

Editorial / Éditorial: Transforming Places, Transforming things/Transformer les lieux, transformer les objets

Articles: Loren Lerner, "The Aron Museum at Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom in Montreal; Kenneth Donovan, "Imposing Discipline Upon Nature: Gardens, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in Cape Breton, 1713-1758

Research Reports / Rapports de recherches: Robert Tremblay, Pour le meilleur et pour le pire. Éévolution du paysage architectural le long de la route transcanadienne, de 1949 a nos jours; Gloria Lesser, The Treimane Art Pottery

Exhibition Review / Compte rendu d'exposition: Cynthia Hammond, Sense of the City

Book Reviews / Compte rendus de livres: Shelley McKellar, The Prosthetic Impulse: From a Posthuman Present to a Biocultural Future; Lianne McTavish, Things that Talk: Object Lessons from Art and Science; Randall Brooks, Taking the Stars: Celestial Navigation from Argonauts to Astronauts; Franz Klingender, Country Fairs in Canada; S. Holyck Hunchuck, The Elements of Style: An Encyclopaedia of Domestic Architectural Detail

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