Correspondence concerning contributions, author guidelines and editorial matters should be addressed to the Managing Editor at:

Material Culture Review
Cape Breton University
P.O. Box 5300
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1P 6L2

Call for Submissions:

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Material Culture Review invites submission of new research from the field of material culture including, cultural history, public history, art history, geography, archaeology, anthropology, architecture and intangible cultural heritage. The editors encourage submissions from graduate students and scholars at any phase of their professional career, professionals and historians from the art and museum world and from independent scholars with an interest in material culture.

Additionally, the editors are currently interested in developing theme issues around the following topics:

We would welcome expressions of interest in guest editing an issue relating to any of the aforementioned themes.

Editorial Focus:

Material Culture Review/Revue de la culture matérielle (MCR) is Canada’s only scholarly journal dedicated to the study of material culture. It documents cultural artifacts, describing their historical context and role in society. MCR is published twice annually by Cape Breton University Press in Sydney, Nova Scotia in partnership with the Canada Research Chair in Intangible Cultural Heritage. Material Culture Review is pleased to receive unsolicited as well as commissioned works.

Works submitted will be categorized as:

Author Guidelines:

Text Submissions and Format:

1. Manuscripts should be to the editor submitted following the Journal's Style Guide (see below) for anonymous evaluation, generally by two referees. To ensure anonymity, please remove any identifying information from the paper.

2. It is required that manuscripts be submitted in Microsoft Word or RTF for Macs. At the time of submission, a copy of the manuscript can be emailed to the editor in chief, along with a fully completed production submission form and a brief biographical sketch. A one hundred-word abstract is required at this time for articles only and, where possible, should be provided in both French and English.

3. All papers are to be double spaced and paginated. Font must be Times New Roman—or Times—12 point.

4. English spelling must conform to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary Second Edition, French spelling will follow Le Petit Robert Dictionary.

5. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce material from copyrighted works, including illustrations.

Exhibition Reviews:

Just as exhibitions are a major form of research in material culture studies, museum exhibition reviews are an important feature of MCR. The purpose of reviews is to recognize the significance of such research, to extend the impact of certain exhibitions beyond the museum setting per se and to stimulate debate in the academic and museum communities about the value of exhibitions. Reviewers should assume that readers might not have seen the exhibition and so should include a brief description of the exhibition, an assessment of the objectives of the exhibition and a critique of how well those aspirations are met. Reviewers are encouraged to include commentary on how an exhibition may differ or resemble other exhibitions or books on a subject or theme presented in the exhibition. In some cases, curators and/or others responsible for assembling an exhibit may be invited to respond to a review. It is expected that reviewers include images as part of an exhibition review. Typical length is 10-15 pages.

Send Manuscripts to the attention of the editor in chief:

Dr. Richard MacKinnon:
Material Culture Review/Revue de la culture matérielle
Cape Breton University
1250 Grand Lake Road
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1P 6L2

Scholars interested in serving as a guest editor of a special themed issue of Material Culture Review are welcomed to submit to the editor a proposal outlining the concept and focus of the special issue.

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Illustrations are considered an integral part of the journal. The number of illustrations will vary according to category. Most articles, research reports and exhibition reviews contain between 5 and 10 photographs. The editor should be consulted if an article or research report is expected to contain more than 10 photographs or 5 graphs and tables. Illustrations are generally not included in book reviews.

Images are to be submitted in accordance with the procedure outlined in our Image Specification Guide.

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