Material Culture ReviewMaterial Culture Review provides a venue for refereed articles and research reports encompassing a range of approaches to interpreting culture through an analysis of people's relationships to their material world. Critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and historic sites, artifact studies and reports on collections encourage the use of material evidence in understanding historical change and continuity.

MCR is published twice a year and is distributed to more than 150 universities, research institutes, museums, and libraries in Canada, the US, and internationally. It is indexed in MLA International Bibliography, The Canadian Periodical Index (CPI.Q), America: History and Life, Historical Abstracts, Academic OneFile, Book Review Index Plus, Érudit, and Google Scholar, among others.

Editorial and Advisory Board mandate

The Editorial Board of Material Culture Review / Revue de la culture matérielle (MCR)is committed to improving the journal’s accessibility, popularity and administration. To achieve these goals this mandate outlines several policies and procedures that will assure the continued success of MCR.

Admittance to the board and length of term
Board members serve for a three-year term, at the end of which their position may be renewed for an additional three years. Membership renewal is conditional to the member’s adherence to the policies and regulations outlined in the MCR Editorial Board Mandate.

New Members
MCRwelcomes new board members, including young scholars in the field of material culture. If you are interested in serving on the board, please send a brief letter of application with your reasons for wishing to serve, as well as a CV, to

Roles and Responsibilities of Editorial and Advisory Board Members
1) Board members will help generate interest in the journal, encourage submissions and subscriptions and suggest themes for special issues.

2) Board members will peer review articles and suggest peer reviewers to the Editor-in-Chief.

3) Board members will meet via conference call twice a year. The Editor-in-Chief will be responsible for arranging meetings and setting the meeting agenda.

4) Board members will work to create and implement all policies of MCR and will play an active role in the journal’s ongoing development.

Editorial Board

Richard MacKinnon
Cape Breton University

Associate Editor
Yves Bergeron
Université du Québec à Montréal

French Language Review Editor
Nathalie Hamel
Université Laval

Exhibition Review Editor

English Language Review Editor
Meghann Jack
Independent Scholar

Advisory Board

Jeremy Aynsley
Royal College of Art

Joy Davis
University of Victoria

Bernard Herman
University of North Carolina

Matthew Johnson
Northwestern University

Rhona Richman Kenneally
Concordia University / Université Concordia

Brian Osborne
Queen's University

Pravina Shukla
Indiana University

Dell Upton


Production Coordinator
Cape Breton University Press

Editorial Assistant
Diane McDonald
Cape Breton University

French Language Editor
Anne-Hélène Kerbiriou

English Language Editor
Meghann Jack, PhD

Material Culture Review / Revue de la culture matérielle gratefully acknowledges the support of Cape Breton University and SSHRC's Aid to Scholarly Journals.

Formerly Material History Review
Formerly published by Canada Science and Technology Museum

ISSN 1718-1259