Dr. Richard MacKinnon

Dr. Richard MacKinnon has been researching, writing and teaching in the field of heritage and culture for over 25 years. A native Cape Bretoner, Dr. MacKinnon holds both a MA and Phd in Folklore from Memorial University, and his research focuses on Atlantic Canadian folklore, culture and heritage with a specialization in Cape Breton Studies. In 2006 Dr. MacKinnon was awarded the prestigious Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Intangible Cultural Heritage recognizing his influential work in folklore and long career. Dr. MacKinnon is now Director of the newly established Centre for Cape Breton Studies, which supports work related to the Canada Research Chair.

Intangible cultural heritage encompasses folklore, oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals and craftsmanship. With significant economic changes in communities throughout the world, there are many cultural traditions that are now endangered. Dr. MacKinnon's work will record, study and preserve these for future generations. This research will aim to lead to publications and inventories of such endangered traditions and the development of new media tools and policies for safe-guarding a rich cultural heritage

In addition to operating the Centre for Cape Breton Studies, Dr. MacKinnnon teaches Folklore, Problem Centered Studies and Humanities in the School of Arts & Community Studies at Cape Breton University. He is also Managing Editor of Material Culture Review – a national publication produced by the Centre for Cape Breton Studies and Cape Breton University Press.
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