Dr. Heather Sparling

Heather Sparling is a Professor of Ethnomusicology and the former Canada Research Chair in Musical Traditions (2013-2023) at Cape Breton University. She researches Gaelic song in Nova Scotia, vernacular dance in Cape Breton, and disaster songs of Atlantic Canada. She has particular research interests in revitalizing endangered languages with and through music, as well as in memorials, memorialization, and digital humanities. She is currently directing the SSHRC-funded Cainnt is Ceathramhan | Language & Lyrics project. She is also an award-winning teacher who helped develop CBU’s Music program as well as the Gaelic Language and Cultural Sustainability program. She is very active in the Nova Scotia Gaelic community. She is a fluent Gaelic and French speaker and is the principal flutist with the Cape Breton Orchestra.

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